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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unfinished Business and a Coupon Code (expires today!)

Sometimes I drive myself nuts.

Starting and stopping multiple projects at once and have things going on everywhere.   There really is a method to my madness and most of the time I do it in the name of 'efficiency'  or frugal-ness (I don't want to waste paint and to keep busy while things are drying).  


If I'm honest with myself, sometimes I have multiple projects going on at once because I don't know what the next step is for the piece I'm working on so rather than stare at it, I move on to something else, meanwhile I hope that piece of the puzzle will come to me while keeping busy.

Sometimes that method works...and sometimes that method does not work.  I could make a case for multi-tasking and how wonderful it is.... and I could also make a case that it causes chaos and procrastination if you take it too far. (I do the latter more than the former!)

You can't force inspiration but you can force yourself to not walk away from something that is sooo close to being finished.  You need to tell yourself you can and you will work out the kinks and finish what you started.

Or not.  

I only know myself and that 'self' needs a kick in the arse every once in awhile otherwise there's a heck of a lot of chaos and not whole lot of finished work which causes me anxiety which in turn causes me to stress out...none of which is good for the creative soul.  

I'm showing you this piece that is unfinished but I've been adding to it  little by little over the last month.  Really, a month??  lol     It's so close I can taste it.  I just need to finish it.  By admitting to my big procrastination disguised as multi tasking habits, maybe it'll inspire me to show you the finished work in my next piece so we can put this baby to rest and move on to new work.
Sounds good?
(another unfinished work)

Do you have any less than ideal habits in the studio? 
 I'm not going to say 'bad' because multi tasking for me isn't necessarily a bad habit it's necessary most of the time--my dealio or deal breaker happens when I have 20 works going on an nothing is finished! :))


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Sandy said...

Love your work! I was wondering if your Art of Business webinar package was still available? I think it was presented as a bundle at one time with a microphone, etc. I did not see that specific offering at the Interweave store.