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 Tutorial:  Painted Collage using Silks Acrylic Glazes

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New video just uploaded, "Mermaid in Motion"

 My latest mermaid painting from start to finish (slideshow)

3 Page Altered Journal featuring Silk Acrylic Glazes, Twinkling H20's, and Scrapbook Paper

Faux Stained Glass Journal Page Using Twinkling H20's and Pearl Pens

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Penny L Weaver said...

How very cool! I look forward to learning with you :)

- p

cardinal said...

Congratulations on this new endeaver and your new page........can't get enough of Jodi!
Kathy Bunn

Colleayn said...

Great video Jodi. I'm learning to use more water to get them nice and juicy. Twinks are the best.

Saranne Valentine said...


Unknown said...

I admired your helpful words. Top class contribution. I really hope you’ll write more. I'll continue looking for.
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Anonymous said...

Love your new page! Great video and I love all your classes! Oh, but you know that :)