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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Top 25 Art Supplies and Stocking Stuffers and Gift Guide by Jodi Ohl

Top Holiday Artsy Gift Guide Under 25!

Sometimes it's the little things that makes an artist's heart go pitter patter!  If you are looking for some stocking stuffers or gifts 25.00 or under, this post is for you!!

Here's  my top 25 under 25...and honestly, I could have added a dozen or more art supplies to this list but I wanted to keep it 'simple'. :)  

These are all things I have and used in my studio, some new (like the Dina Wakely Mixed Media Journal  and the Gelli Arts printing set)   All come recommended and fun additions to your artist's tool box!  Even better, they won't break the bank!

What's your favorite art supply under 25.00?? I'd love to hear!

Happy Creative Holiday shopping!!

If you haven't had a chance also to stop by my Etsy shop to see what's new, take a look over here!

I've uploaded several new items, PLUS, I'm having periodic Deals of the Day or short term sales not to miss throughout the month of December!  

Stay tuned!  I will be releasing my customer appreciation, "Birthday Bonanza" sale soon!  (Formerly Pay What You Can Sale).  It'll be a bit different this year as over the last two years while I had a great turn out and lots of great engagement/sales, I also had an enormous amount of  people who committed to the Pay What You Can offers but never followed through. The result of me having to go back and forth with emails, invoices, reminders...well it was just too overwhelming for me at the holidays and it took away the spirit of the sale for me. 

This year, I've decided to streamline the sale and change the 'venue' up a bit.  BUT, with that said. you'll still get GREAT specials,  one of a kind painting offers, destash items,   new prints offered, and a few other surprises. 

Just wanted to put that out there for my regulars who are waiting for the Pay What You Can Announcement. :)

Until Next Time,

Jodi Ohl

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