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 I'm going to try to share some of my favorite things as I discover or rediscover art supplies that make my heart happy.  I'll link to Amazon, but always try to support your local art supply shop whenever possible.  This is just for my ease of linking. :)

Studio Mate-

I know this isn't an art supply but since I bought this right before Christmas, it has been my favorite studio pal. The sound is incredible, easy to use even for me who had no idea how to use bluetooth  I love love love my Bose Soundlink!  It comes in a variety of colors, too.  I have 2 of them now, one in aqua and one in the corral color.   I also pack it in my suitcase when traveling and use in the hotel and in my classes for music.


Build your own water color palette with this empty half pan fold out box

Payne's gray in Golden  QOR

Soho is a great brand for the student/artist who is serious
about their work but on a budget.  



Any Golden Fluids are a favorite but Quin Gold is a must have staple

Another great paint brand-Matisse. I love this Aqua Green color. YUM!

Fairly large jar (500 ml) of basic white paint (SoHo brand)


On my wish list.  

Drawing: Pencils I love

Tom Bow Pencils, Stabilo Marks All in Black and Graphite, and the Jerry's Jumbo Jet Black Pencil

Pens and More (Art Journaling, illustration, doodling)

You probably can guess what brand I favor for my lettering needs, Faber Castell  & Design Memory Craft is truly an awesome, reliable, quality, and affordable company for all of your writing needs. Stay tuned for more in the Pens and Journaling category coming soon!

Water Color Brushes and Containers-Versatile Yet Affordable Selections

Water Brush Pens, Assorted Sets of Polar Flo Brushes,  Lidded Paint Containers, Portion Cups

Paint Markers Pens I'm Digging!

Surfaces I Love to Use

Gift giving ideas!

New release art supplies by Liquitex! I have been eyeing these up for awhile now and finally pulled the trigger to get them--lush but soft colors, perfect for the artist who has a love for color but wants to paint in more neutral tones. They also come in these great boxes which are a nice touch for gift giving.  5 acrylic  ink colors and 5 soft body acrylic paint colors.

New to Me...Strathmore Marker Paper!  If you like to draw with markers or pens, or perhaps love to  do illustrations, one thing you probably are always searching for is paper that your ink doesn't bleed (or spread out) as you are illustrating.   This paper DOES bleed through the back side so you can only use one side which isn't a problem to me, but here's the thing---you can draw on the pad and your marker ink doesn't infiltrate to the next  page.   For me, the biggest advantage of this paper is the clean lines you can achieve when drawing and the sturdiness of the paper without being too rigid.  


As long as we are talking about MARKERS.... 
I received these babies as a gift for doing some extra work from a friend of mine as a thank you and I have to say I love them! 24 lush colors in a beautiful and handy carrying case (I can never keep my markers organized)!  They have dual tips (brush and fine point) so you can create bold strokes or more controlled details with this set.   Again, the wonderful case makes for a great gift giving item
Other options:  Smaller 12 count set, .  Fine point pens in black (assorted nib sizes),  Assorted .05 colored illustration pens.   Again most artists would LOVE to find any of these goodies under their tree this Christmas (or any holiday or gift giving moment)!

I'd be remiss if i didn't mention some of my favorite types of paint for water media applications  Golden High Flow which I use in both my 'Grunge Ink,  Abstracts on Yupo, and Zen Painting classes).  This is just one of several sets available,  the paints also come in larger sizes of course.  Love a color?  These paints of course are available in larger sizes, to!

Protecting your work--check out these favs of mine to use! Remember, anytime you use water soluble products on your last layer of your painting (Stabilo Pencils, Pastels, Neo Color Water II Water soluble crayons, charcoal...etc) you should spray a barrier layer (or 2) of spray varnish or workable fixative. If you use brush on varnish before that isolation layer, you will 'smear' the water soluble products. As always, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use in a well ventilated area, with a breathing mask to protect yourself..


Cold Wax and Oil Painting Supplies

In 2017, I'm working on a new collection of abstracts along with new in person workshops, online classes and perhaps even a dvd down the road around the mysterious and beautiful qualities of cold wax and oil painting techniques and processes.  Stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, I'd like to share some of my favorite supplies that I've found fun to use in the creation of this new body of work.   

Oil Paint medium, use to thin out paint, add glazes and gloss.

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium
Dorland's Wax Medium
Add some texture to your paintings with this diverse set of  palette knives.
Basic palette knives you need for mixing and applying cold wax and oil paints.
Smooth, blend, mix, and apply your paint mixture with this flexible, silicone wedge by Princeton.
Shiva Oil Painting sticks- colorless blender

Yes you need a big daddy titanium white paint stick!
Assorted oil painting sticks

Basic starter set of oil paints, add on as you need-- (larger set click here)get extra titanium white.
Oil pencils, great to draw on your surface prior to painting or over top once dry. 
Other scraper options--check out items in the baking section of a homegoods store such as this silicone scraper.
Davinci wood panels
I actually prefer the square format but any size or shape to paint with, but any wood panels you can find will work.

Oil paint brushes

Oil Paint Brush Washer-stainless steel 

Brush Cleaner Lavender Oil  is one option you can use.

Art Books:

Here are just a few of my favorite books by artists I know and some that I don't but obviously admire.  Oh and ya, a shameless plug for my own ;)


I have to admit, on top of art books, I'm a bit of a self help, business book junkie :)

When you strive to do your best each and every day, it's helpful to understand what others have done who have achieved great things so that you can apply that what is meaningful into your life.  In the end, no book can make you into a superstar. The super power you need to have to achieve greatness is something that a large majority don't really want to believe in-- that power is actually an action:  to simply do the work, and do that work well. Keep striving to do it even better than you did yesterday.   Books can help you grow, learn, discover, and become re-inspired.  They are also a quiet space for me,  curl up with my book, journal or even audio book/podcast and the world opens up again in a whole new way.

 Take time to discover words and experiences--here's a few of my current recommendations

New to the list:

Misc.  Tools

From heat guns to palettes, chairs, tables, lamps--I will be adding to this category whenever I find something interesting to share or that I've purchased.

So You Want To Film Your Art Techniques-

Be sure to check out my blog post HERE where I share some of my favorite tools and props that I have been using in my studio for the last couple of years!

Ready set reel!

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