Best Selling Acrylic Painting Instructional Book

Pre-Register at a great Sale Price

Pre-Register at a great Sale Price
Begins September 6th!

Join 100's of students from around the world!

Join 100's of students from around the world!
Zen Painting! 30 videos, open ended workshop!

Online Workshops

Online workshops are a great way to work at your own pace on your own schedule yet still partake in a community full of amazing students just like yourself from all over the world. I host a variety of workshops, some open ended and some that have a subscription that lasts for a period of time (usually 6-12 months) after the initial roll out starts.  I pride myself at delivering content rich lessons, in easy to understand format (video).   Discover a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques, tips and tools in each and everyone of my classes.  I strive to answer all questions and give feedback within 24 hours Monday-Friday, and on the weekend by chance, unless an unusual circumstance happens or I am on vacation.

I hope you will join me for my newest online workshop, Zen Houses which began September 6th!

Over 6 hours of content, PLUS  a few surprises!

Join in at any time. Check out the registration page by clicking HERE

Register now for Zen Houses!

Began September 6th, 2017


Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections!

Join in at any time!

Join in at any time!  30 videos--hours of fun in this expansive workshop that will bring the Zen back in your creative life!

Here's a small sampling of some of my "Zen Paintings"

Be a part of a new movement!

Be a part of something BIG!

Join Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections, for an 'enlightening' experience!

ARE YOU IN????    :)

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Join in on the fun!
  Check out my blog post for more details.
For more info, click HERE:


 Life Book 2017 


I'm participating in 21 Secrets once again this year!  Pre-registration now open! 
Classes begin April 1st.


online work shop with jodi ohl

*This is an ongoing open ended workshop--which means you will have access to the class for the lifetime of the class.   Many of my classes over at Creative Workshops have been accessible for several years.


Innovative inky abstract class!  Grunge, Ink!

Explore the wonders of Yupo paper using India Ink, Golden's High Flow Acrylics and a myriad of textural tools. We will create amazing abstract compositions and learn many ways to infuse, embrace and explore texture and layers on a 2 d surface.  *Note for my international customers--Yupo paper is the only substrate that can be used for this process as I have outlined in the class.  Please check with a local supplier either in your area or online where you order art supplies from if they can get this specialty paper before purchasing this class.

yupo paper and ink online work shop
online art work shop by jodi ohl


Extreme Portraits: Ongoing Class!

Extreme Portraits

Extreme Portraits  * access to the course for 12 months!))Class Description:
Are you looking for ways to build more depth in your portrait painting? Extreme Portraits is the newest portrait class offered by Jodi Ohl that will help you take your portrait work to the next level, even to a cutting edge extreme. In each of the lessons covering a span of six weeks, you will find easy to follow directions and content that is rich in information that you can use not just in your portrait work, but a variety of mixed media applications.
In the fall of 2012 Jodi released Painterly in Pink, an online class which focused heavily on drawing before painting the mixed media stylized portraits and now we are excited to present the much anticipated offering of Extreme Portraits, which takes many of those lessons learned in her first class to a new level of depth and character. The focus on this class will be more on paintings and building up layers through glazing and underpaintings along with some fun extra surprise lessons.

Read on for more information and to Register today!


Art Journaling: The Book
 Join in at any time!
Raise your hand if this describes you:  You are one with good intentions but life gets in the way to your journaling activities. Or maybe you can create journal pages with no problem but have trouble keeping a book all in one place. You run out of ideas in your journal and run on to the next big thing. Perhaps you are totally new to journaling and you need some help getting started.  If this is you or heck, if you are just looking for inspiration, Art Journaling: The Book, will offer you a creative way to jumpstart your own “visual journal journey” by creating an easy Journal that is as unique as you are, using easy to find or items you already have in your studio.


Texturize This!

Amazing. Fun.  Super lush texture!

 "Texturize This!:" is now open! Lessons run over a 4 week time frame but you can work at your own pace and have access over 12 months there after. Intense fun,  color like you have never imagined,  amazing texture and much, much more!

online class by jodi ohl
 For more info, click the image or click HERE.


"Funky Little City Scapes"

 Click here for more information!


Find me at Creative Workshops:
New Mini Workshop:






*Each Registration comes with a 30.00 coupon for Product over at Colourarte (Twinkling h20s, Silk Acrylic Glazes).


*This class is now an open ended class, work at your own pace, join in at any time!


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Another outstanding year over at Lifebook!
Join in Lifebook 2015 for 52 weeks of inspiration.


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