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Join 100's of Students for this Amazing Online Class!

Join 100's of Students for this Amazing Online Class!
Zen Painting: Pathways and Connections begins October 5th but registration is now open at a special price!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Creative JumpStarts Gets Even BETTER!

I'm honored for the 3rd year in a row to be a part of Creative JumpStarts!  Starting January 1st and running throughout the month, you can download 27 videos 27 mixed media artists to get your creative mojo moving!    The price is a ridiculously low 50.00 for all this fun,  even better there's an early bird pricing of 45 for all you 'Pre-JumpStarting" students...but wait, it gets better!  Nathalie was so kind to make up a 5.00 off coupon code for my readers so you can purchase this class for only 40.00!

Use code:  JODICJS5  at check out to receive your special discount.

The coupon is valid:  Dec 9th at 12:01am EST - Dec 16th at 11:59pm EST.  

To find out more about the workshops, click HERE and just JUMP! :)


Friday, December 09, 2016

An Online Auction Not To Miss!

Monday, December 12th is the Big Day!

 Behind the scenes I've been working on many....did I say many??? I mean a ton of new work for a special project that is finally almost here!  I'm super excited to announce that I will have a solo day during the 2016 Handmade and Holiday Auction with Stephanie Gagos!  This is a huge honor and quite a thrill to be chosen to have a special day in the 'sun' during this amazing 14 day event.  My work will be closing the event (scary...I hope everyone has a bit of moolah left..haha!)  I've been watching from the sidelines and even purchased a couple goodies myself from the fantastic artists!   

It's scary to put yourself out there for the world to see though I have to say--especially during an auction because my fear is no one will bid or worse yet even comment on my offerings haha!  That's my 'workmare'!  

The truth is, putting yourself out in the world is a necessity if you want to do amazing things.  There are going to be hugely scary moments and then there will be moments when things come together like magic.  In order to get to the magic, you have to just trust you are doing the best you can do at this time and people are going to respond to that positive energy (in the form of art) that you are manifesting.

This is a special heads up on when my auction day is--we are supposed to keep it hush hush but I received special permission to share with you when my day is.  So mark your calendars and join in on the auction on or before December 12th, 2016 least stop by to say 'Hi' :)) It would mean the world to me!   

Here's is a little collage featuring just some of my work.  I'll have roughly 30 originals and 4 prints included in the auction.  All offered below my normal listing price so there's a great opportunity to snag a BIG bargain. Also included are many pieces of art never offered online before as they were created specifically for this event.   

Take a look at just a few of the features! I'll have work representing my Zen Painting Collection, Abstracts,  Whimsical Art, and a few prints.  

How do you sign up to participate in the auction on Facebook?

Very Easy.

1.  Click this Link  or search for 2016 Handmade Holiday Auction by Stephanie Gagos.

2. On the right hand side, click "Interested or Going"

3.  When you see an item listed as "Auction" you'll note in the description the starting bid, description, and shipping information.

4. If you would like to bid on an item or simply leave a word of encouragement, type it all in the comment field.

5. Have fun Bidding!

6. Winning bid will go to the artist via paypal immediately following the auction so please only bid if you intend on purchasing the item.

Lastly-if notifications bother you, look for three dots at the top right of the event page, if you click those dots you'll see notification settings.  There will be a drop down box with radio buttons to click on your preferences.  Just be sure not to miss your items if you chose this option! :))

Once again--here is a link to the auction event-- hope to see you there!

Don't want to bid anything but you'd like a piece of my art for yourself--stop over to my Etsy shop and seen what's new!

Post 1--Because I'm a Slacker!

Happy Friday Y'all!   Yes it's that time again....

Where I raise my hand and cry uncle!   I definitely have been burning the candle at both ends and juggling many various balls but that's no excuse for being late or not keeping my word to my friends, family, and those that count on me to get xyz done.  This lesson keeps coming back into my life time and time again.  Repeating itself in different ways and for various reasons. One common thread though in it all is...ME.  haha.  Very revealing, isn't it?   When something is playing on repeat, do you keep letting it play over and over again or do you change the station? It's up to you?  Anyway, that's my long winded reflection that when I disappear, not finish things on time, or don't get back to people when I should I have no one to blame but myself for taking on more than I can chew a set time frame.

Have you ever felt that way?   I know the answer is to say no more often, not really no, but thank you I'd love to but I'll have to decline at this time because my schedule is overflowing with goodness!
Easier said than done!  I want to say YES to everything!  I hate even  complaining in the first place because it's a good thing to be busy in my business There's a difference, however, between being busy, and working on the 20% of the stuff that make up 80% that reap the most rewards.  When you are 'busy', generally if you are honest with yourself, you tend to be working on the 80%  of what only nets you the 20%

That scenario was illustrated recently when I was listening to a podcast the other day by Tim Ferriss in his promotion of his new book, "Tools of the Titans" which I ordered BTW (did I ever mention I was a podcast and a self help junkie)?? haha.  Anyway,  he listed 17 questions that changed his life once he started asking himself, especially during times of great stress and challenges.  One of the questions was, "Am I chasing Antelopes or Field Mice".   Field mice are the lions low hanging fruit, they are plentiful and a great snack for the Lion, they bring him a temporary pleasure and immediate gratification but if the lion only feasted on field mice, he'd die of starvation (or exhaustion chasing them).   BUT...if he chases the Antelope, it's not going to be an easy fight, he may even struggle a bit, but when he captures his prey, he will be satisfied and fulfilled for a long time.  It's a lasting fulfillment that is worth the challenge and pursuit in an effort to stay in the game.

I don't know the answer my friends...I really don't other than I'm grateful for it all and it's going to take constant effort to recognize what I should be doing and what I should be letting go of.

With all of that long winded explanation of how and why I've become a slacker lately--I want to announce a winner (VERY LATE ANNOUNCEMENT BTW) from this post back in November.

The winner will be sent a jampacked art journaling video and a pack of 24 tube watercolors!

And the winner is......

suzieq23 said...
I am so thankful for my wonderful family who are happy, healthy and the loves of my life. I cannot imagine life without them. Time passes by so quickly these days and I am so thankful for every minute I get to spend with them.

Suzie--please email me at jodiohl at hotmail dot com with your mailing address and I'll be happy to get the video out to you!

If anyone else is interested in the video which is 5 hours long-a video broadcast of the Art Journaling Live event that features myself, Mary Beth Shaw,  Nathalie Kalbach, and Ginna Rossi Armfield,   I'm going to put up a button here for you to purchase from me at a sale price!

The retail price is 49.99 but for a limited time, I can offer it for 39.99 with 6.00 shipping US.   

Buy Art Journaling Live 3 now and save 10.00!

Okay kids...I have more to share today (haha)...I go away for a week or more and then when I come back, you can't get rid of me!    Seriously, lots of goodness to come--too much for one post I might have to do 2 or 3. I'm definitely doing a newsletter today so if you aren't on that bad boy...what are you waiting for? Join me for several subscriber only specials coming at ya later today as well as some big news you'll be the FIRST to hear!

To sign up for my newsletter (which is published 2-3 times a month during the holidays and 1-2 times a month the rest of the year) click HERE.

Thank you so much everyone, have a great weekend if I don't 'see ya' back here!  Jodi

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Becoming Your Best Self


I have to admit, on top of art books, I'm a bit of a self help, business book junkie :)

When you strive to do your best each and every day, it's helpful to understand what others have done in their lives and careers  to achieve great things so that you can apply that what is meaningful into your life.  In the end, no book can make you into a superstar. The super power you need to have to achieve greatness is something that a large majority don't really want to believe in-- that power is actually an action:  to simply do the work, and do that work well. Keep striving to do it even better than you did yesterday.   Books can help you grow, learn, discover, and become re-inspired.  They are also a quiet space for me,  curl up with my book, journal or even audio book/podcast and the world opens up again in a whole new way.

 Take time to discover words and experiences--here's a few of my current recommendations along with  items on my own wish list.   

Do you have any of your own recommendations? I'd love to hear what motivates, stirs, empowers, clarifies, and moves you!

Until Next Time!



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