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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So Sweet!

While I'm still recovering from this winter flu bug,  I thought I'd share a coupon code for my shop to keep the party rolling even when I'm stopped in my tracks :)  I had a super, incredible, fun filled week in Cancun but returned with a little "vacation itis".

Good news, I'm feeling a bit better but still recovering. I have a big event this weekend so I'm trying to reserve my energy for then. After that, I'll return with tons of new products I'm offering, new art add to my collections,  some just announced on the road workshops I'll be participating in, and more!

This coupon code is for 14% off (in honor of Valentine's Day) of anything in my shop, including classes, paintings, stationary, my new book and more!    If you had your eye on something, now is the time to grab it up!  :)

Take me to the shop!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Moving in New Directions!

To stay fresh, one must explore uncharted territories, even if the ocean explored has been explored by others-it's still your new journey and time to stretch your own wings.  That is exactly what I have been up to this month...moving in new directions and exploring processes that are very new and exciting for me.  These are 5 of more than 15 new pieces in a body of work I'm creating (which will grow by leaps in bounds over the next few months) as I wrap my artistic mind and skills around a new medium, new techniques and lots of uncharted territory.     I've dabbled a bit in cold wax, but nothing to the extent I've been playing with this month.   As I look to the future, one thing is clear.  Nothing stays the same forever, and everything is about to change.  I consider that a good thing.

Never be afraid to grow, change, and simply hone your skills by stretching your wings.  You never know what you'll discover, you may even fall in love...and that is the precipice that I'm standing on right now.

While I plan to do a series of classes down the road, the first major class I will be conducting on Cold Wax and Oil painting will be this October during our ReMe Retreats-The Sandhills.   The retreat is now open for registration with more info coming up shortly...this is your sneak peek at my class which I'm so stoked about!    I'm also sharing in this blog post, some of my favorite supplies used in creating this body of work.  Go ahead and try it, and then if you want some guidance, come back to me and I hope to give you what you need to blossom just as you should.

Here's to always spreading your wings and growing.  New doors open when you push through them.

 Cold Wax and Oil Painting Supplies

In 2017, I'm working on a new collection of abstracts along with new in person workshops, online classes and perhaps even a dvd down the road around the mysterious and beautiful qualities of cold wax and oil painting techniques and processes.  Stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, I'd like to share some of my favorite supplies that I've found fun to use in the creation of this new body of work.   

Oil Paint medium, use to thin out paint, add glazes and gloss.

Gamblin Cold Wax Medium
Dorland's Wax Medium
Add some texture to your paintings with this diverse set of  palette knives.
Basic palette knives you need for mixing and applying cold wax and oil paints.
Smooth, blend, mix, and apply your paint mixture with this flexible, silicone wedge by Princeton.
Shiva Oil Painting sticks- colorless blender

Yes you need a big daddy titanium white paint stick!
Assorted oil painting sticks

Basic starter set of oil paints, add on as you need-- (larger set click here)get extra titanium white.
Oil pencils, great to draw on your surface prior to painting or over top once dry. 
Other scraper options--check out items in the baking section of a homegoods store such as this silicone scraper.
Davinci wood panels
I actually prefer the square format but any size or shape to paint with, but any wood panels you can find will work.

Oil paint brushes

Oil Paint Brush Washer-stainless steel 

Brush Cleaner Lavender Oil  is one option you can use.


Not ready to dive into abstracts using cold wax and oils, be sure to check out my new book!

22 exercises and tons of inspiration are included in my first solo publication, "Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink" 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Revealing Heart--An Art Journal Page Discussed

"A heart often reveals itself in times of difficulty. It either shines, or....it doesn't."

Last week was undoubtedly filled with lots of highs and lows, great memories, full of promise of potentially a new relationship, but ultimately ended with extreme sorrow for our family unexpectedly.  It was in that time of grief, that I had time to reflect once again about many things: such as how short life is and how it can change when you least expect it. People, animals, things, all come into your life not necessarily forever, but if you allow them to, they teach you lessons that you can carry in your heart the rest of your life.

Without going into the details again, for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you already know, but suffice to say, Friday we lost a beloved member of our family unexpectedly.  Not a person, but rather our pet who might of well been a person because that's how he was treated.  

My son and I were devastated of course and in shock all weekend...still in shock.   At the same time, earlier in the week, I met someone who seemed very special....romantic, brought me flowers on the first date,  chatted with me throughout the week, we went out on a second date and had an even better time, and generally seemed to get along well. Things looked very promising until  I had a crisis on Friday that brought me to my knees.

Not that I expected pity or this person to come running to me as in reality, we only known each other a week...but the true colors of this person's sincerity showed a lot earlier than I suppose some may show months or possibly years later,  and for that I'm grateful.

Spoiler alert...it wasn't good.

Not to be the Taylor Swift of the art world and lay all my cards out for the world to see, but I just have to say I'm proud of myself for not wanting to change someone like I normally would take on a challenge like this.   The g-rated version of the exchange was that 15 minutes after we talked on the phone Friday about the devastating course of events that happened that afternoon, I get a text that HE was disappointed we wouldn't be getting together tonight. Not a sorry this happened, can I do anything for you, blah blah blah.  

At first, I made an excuse of well, he really doesn't know me that well yet and couldn't possibly know how I feel or how I react in moments of extreme sorrow, stress, or struggles.  And maybe he just wasn't brought up to be super compassionate with words, not everyone knows how to communicate well or openly. I can relate, often my method of communication is in writing or through my art.

But to be made to feel guilty over not wanting to go out (and I can say going out very loosely because I can say with 150% certainty that dinner and a movie wasn't what he wanted)  on a day that I had been crying my eyes out over a loss of a loved one...well.....it was pretty revealing of his character.

The next two days...Saturday and Sunday were more of the same.  No contact until later in the day, no check in on how I'm doing.  Just are you coming over tonight?  No. No. and No.

If that's the best you have, then I'd rather have nothing at all. Period.

I am ready for dating again after a long break but my time is so limited, I barely have enough for myself, my kids, and my close friends---if I make room for someone, I want to make it count.   

That brings me back to the moral of the story-- part of the theme for my  resolutions this year, have been to stand my ground and make myself "Better Than Before".  I might have thought well, he's a decent person with a good job and well he did buy me dinner and bring me flowers 2x.. Maybe I should help him to see how his lack of compassion hurt me.   

No.  What point would that make? If someone doesn't have it in them to know what to do, right or wrong...why waste your time trying to make someone into someone they are not.  Accept it and move on.

The truth of the matter is, a person's true colors are often shown in moments of extreme highs an extreme lows more quickly than if you un-peel the layers bit by bit over time.  You can't change someone, but you can change yourself.

I grabbed my journal today and processed those feelings and heck decided to write about them on the blog in the quest of being more open and honest with not just myself, but with everyone around me.  

I'm not mad, I'm in fact pretty proud of myself.  I feel more empowered than I have in awhile even at the eve of something tragic,  there's wisdom to be found. And now I can move forward...I'm still sad, still broken-hearted, still grieving;  but,  I'm also happy I didn't waste precious time with someone who didn't have the type of heart I desired in a partner.

Don't settle for less...I know I won't. 

Jodi Ohl


Products used in this journal page:

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