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Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Back and It's Better Than Ever! My 3rd Annual "Pay What You Can Sale"

 I'm a week late but better late than never!  My 'birthday' week was chock full of awesomeness, so much so that I didn't have time to get this event running as I should have.  
Thank you to all of you who messaged me to make sure I was still doing this special sale  for all of my cherished patrons and followers!  I appreciate all your enthusiasm and so glad you have grown to love this time of year as much as I do!

 This is my annual 'giftie' to my followers in the form of a Pay What You Can Sale.....Pay what you on for all the details!  This is a long post with lots of items available along with some guidelines.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at .


What is a Pay What You Can Sale?  Well,  a couple years ago I received an email from an inspirational speaker, author,  and artist that I admire  (Danielle Laporte) who offered a sale for one day only on one or two of her very popular (but pricey) book/programs and I thought now isn’t  that a coolio idea?!  I sat on the idea for a year and then THREE  years ago,  I decided to take a plunge and do my own version of the special for a LIMITED time, too!

If you stopped by last year, you may have got a SWEET deal, and hopefully this year you will find a deal or two as well. And this year is going to be another AMAZING Event!  You’ll see in just a moment! 

How This Works
“Pay What You Can”

  • I will post suggested retail prices so you can gauge what those items typically sell at.
  • Shipping is not included and pieces do not come matted or framed (for original art and prints) .
  •  I will consider every offer submitted, but please only submit offers for items you intend on paying for if accepted.  It’s no fun trying to chase people down or decline someone else if someone staked a claim on an item and then disappears.
  •  I do reserve the right to decline an offer that is well below cost or not truly a fair offer.


For example: I can not do a 3ox30 piece for you for 20.00... I’m sorry.  :)

I will also offer payment plans if you really want that 30x30 piece but would need to split payments up to make it happen!

In the event more than one person makes an offer, I will take the highest offer-but will notify the lower offer 1x  that they have been outbid so that person has a chance to  resubmit their initial offer.

Things to take into consideration:
Prints are made to order, please allow 10-14 days for delivery unless you want to upgrade to an expedited shipping

  I want YOU to get a deal and if you tell me you can only pay xyz as you are on a limited budget, it’s an honor system.  It’s not a good feeling if I see that same person the next day on Facebook talking about their trip around the world and total home renovation being on a limited budget
. I know you get what I mean!! I’m just saying as that happened to me it almost made me reconsider doing this sale.

Most custom items will be worked on in January and into February and could take 2-4 weeks approximately  to complete, depending on how many orders and the complexity of the subjects.

  If you need your item sooner, please contact me before placing an order/offer.

For a limited time  I will post a variety of items in the following categories:  Supplies,  Prints, Originals,….and wait for it…. COMMISSION pieces during this “Pay What You Can” Event.

How do you make an offer?

I will post a link to a form you must fill out under each item offer in this event so I can have all the information in one place. 

 By the end of day Friday, December 23rd,  or sooner I will review all offers and let you know via email if your PWYC offer was accepted.
 Invoices will be sent out shortly thereafter.

Are you ready for the big reveal?  Here’s Jodi Ohl’s 

"Pay What You Can Sale 2016!"




I Love You More  5 x 7
Regular price:  24
Shipping: 6-9 domestic
Quantity available: 5

Sunset Beach  11 x 14
Regular Price:   $70
Shipping: 10-12
Quantity Available: 5

Coddiwomple 1    20 x 20  giclee on Somerset Velvet paper
Regular Price:    $236
Shipping   15-20
Quantity Available: 3



Surfacing   12 x 12 on Gessobord
Retail Price:  $200
Shipping 15-20
Quantity: 1

Full Circle:  12 ½ by 19  on Yupo
Retail:  $175
Shipping 20-25
Quantity: 1

The Flow Of Life:   16  x 20  on Canvas
Retail   $400
Shipping   30-50
Quantity: 1

 Online Classes:

Dirty Flirty Birds
Regular Price:  85
Quantity offered 15

Regular Price: 85
Quantity Offered: 15

Package Deals:

4 pc abstract set on wood  6x6   Choose 3 main colors and whether you would like a Zen abstract or acrylic abstract set.

Regular price  $192
Shipping   20-25
Quantity Offered: 5

15 pack assorted notecards
Regular price  $  45
Shipping  5.00-7.00
Quantity Offered:4

Mystery Box contain $100 or more in art supplies, art magazines, gently used and some new
Shipping-Med Flat Rate  13.45
Quantity Available:  4

Expressive Watercolor Video and  16 Assorted Twinking H20s—2 sets available
Retail-  26.99 -38      64.99
Shipping :  7.00
Quantity Offered: 2

Signed Book Package 1:

Signed Book and 4 mini abstracts on wood (4 x 4)
Retail 189.00
Shipping 12.00-18.00
Quantity avail  5

Book and 4 pack note cards 
Retail: 36.99
Shipping: 6
Quantity Available:  10


 Perhaps you want your own Funky House or Birdie Painting or Abstract painting.  I’m going to offer just a couple of HUGE opportunities for you to customize a piece in the colors that you would like.  Remember all paintings are unique and I don’t replicate a design exactly..

When you consider your offer, please note, I can not be as flexible in my acceptance of offers pieces due to the fact that these will all be created from scratch. I will however allow some discounts and or layaway payments.    Make me an offer!
*All commissions will be worked on in January and into February depending on how many are ordered.

Quantity-1 of each size will be offered at reduced prices!
12 x 16    on 1 1/2 in  wood
  Suggested Price: $212-250
20x20   1 12/ in  canvas
18x36    1 1/2 in   canvas
30x30      3/4  in    canvas

 Click HERE For Pay What You Can Form

Gift Certificates:   

*This is not a part of the PWYC Sale, but still a great deal!   If you don't see something that suits your fancy now,  how a bout a gift certificate for my shop so you can buy later?!   *This does not include commissions, or any in person classes.     You still will need to fill out a form so I can invoice you.  When you are ready to buy something at a later date, please email me with your purchase receipt and I'll make a special 1x only coupon code for you.   Limit 1  per person and can not be combined with any other offers or good on previous purchases.

*Note, there are 3 options available.  Please let me know which option you'd like on the form :)

Buy It Now:

Zen Painting Online Class—Regular price 109
Buy It Now Price    $90

Dvds-reg 26.99/now 18 each
Shipping 6
Quantity-3 each

Please spread the word and share this post!  * You never know when I'm going to send a random giftie to someone who comments & shares, just saying!   Please leave a way to contact you should your name be pulled from the hat on your comment!

Thank you everyone for checking out my Pay What You Can Sale!  Mostly, thank YOU for following my work and for being that 12th man in my corner, it truly has made such a difference! Your encouragement and well wishes have lifted me up more than you will ever know!

Love and gratitude,

****Offers close on  Friday Evening, December 23rd!*******


Casey said...

Shared on Facebook. This is a great event you are offering. Thinking about your mixed media online class. I need some inspiration!

Viv Rad said...

I love this Jodi Ohl! I just received my book and goodies today. Just perfect timing. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for the personalization too. I'll share this info too on Facebook. Good luck and Happy Holidays! Viv

Evelyn said...

so happy to see your special sale!

Unknown said...

I find your work uplifting. Makes me smile 😊 Kim