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Monday, December 19, 2016

Friday Favs on Monday! Artsy Watercolor Sketching Edition

Friday Favs on Monday because that's how I roll lately!  

Perhaps in 2017 I will make it my mission to do things on time :)   Usually I am Johnny on the spot with deadlines and keep up with my to-do list but lately I've become that girl, that artist who is perpetually chasing her tail. With that said, I've been chasing my tail with tons of good things so I'm not complaining at all!  I just feel bad not being able to keep up at times and letting people down.    Okay my soap box because that can be a slippery slope..hahah!   

Before we get into the art supplies recommendations for today--check this out!  My first e-book lesson on lettering published by Cloth Paper Scissors is now out!   I'm scheduled to do a total of 3 for them over the next few months and couldn't be more pleased with how this comes out.  The best thing--it's under 5.00 and includes a little video showcasing one of the lessons!!    Check out a little preview here!

 Alrighty...let's get to my Friday Favs on Monday artsy gifts recommendations!   I wanted to share with you some really affordable pan watercolor palettes that would make great gift items along with several other additional goodies to go along with the palettes.  I don't have all of these colors but I do have the Tropicals and they are fantastic!  Under 20 dollars, awesome compact metal pan, and great colors--what else could you want?  Maybe the other things on today's list!  :)


Along with your watercolors, picking up a journal to play with is a also a wonderful option.  While the Dylusion's journal is not a watercolor journal you can still use it for studies is my personal favorite for assorted journaling techniques.    Teflon sheets are great for mixing paints and keeping your surface clean.  I have 3 or 4 of these and it's made clean up a breeze in my studio!

Neocolor II crayons are so versatile that I can't imagine painting with out these puppies.  I use them to draw with, shade, write, and play in my journal. They write over acrylics,  yet can be blended with your finger or activated with water for more intense color.   Did I say MUST HAVE??  Seriously!

Lastly watercolor pen brushes are your on the go must have for art journaling, urban sketching and more!   The well conveniently stores your water so there's no mess or carrying around cumbersome water containers when you are on the go!

Finishing us off today is the Micron 6 piece pen set--I love me some pens and this brand is one of my favorites to use, especially with watercolors.  I love to make lines and scratchy doodles over top of my pieces...the Microns will help you do that.  Check it out in action:

So there you go...some great gift items for you or the budding watercolor/urban sketching artist in your life!


BIG NEWS--I'll be back a little later today with my PWYC sale!  Yes it is the above message with every excuse other than my dog at my PWYC post ;)  It's neither her nor there...but it will be HERE in a few hours!! Stay tuned and be sure to come back because its very time sensitive and there are several items that have limited quantities!

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