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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Texture Tutorial-A Free Exercise From My Book!

Hello Friends!  I hope you had a great holiday with family and friends!  I'm still coming down from my sugar and family fun high!  I have lots of new blog posts planned for the coming days but first, I wanted to share an article I wrote for my friends at Cloth Paper Scissors where I have been  'moonlighting' as a guest blogger and soon to be guest columnist in 2017 for the magazine!   This tutorial has a clickable link that includes a downloadable tutorial taken straight from my book,  "Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink".  If you haven't received it yet or wondering about the projects included--here's a variation of one of them!

Some of the supplies you'll need include:  Silks Acrylics  (any colors),  Ampersand Claybord , High Powered Heat Gun,  Golden's Tar Gel (or Self Leveling Gel, or Pouring Medium), and to get the black marks on the bubbles, Staz on Ink.  You'll see in the project featured I also use a bit of Titanium White and a Brayer.

Let's Get Started:  

Do you have an affinity for texture? I know I do. I love it so much that I’ve come up with a couple of classes where texture is the star of the show. There’s just something about a piece of art that has imperfections or clearly has an uneven surface that begs to be touched.
I have long used many gel mediums in my work but when you’re teaching a one day class, it’s hard to use many of the commercial mediums to teach with because they simply won’t dry in time. I came across this technique by accident when I was trying to speed my painting for a class I was teaching, with not just a heat gun, but a heat tool—you know the one that looks like it should be used in a factory or welding shop? Needless to say, it didn’t just heat up my gesso/gel medium—it also burned it and bubbled the surface. The look was actually fascinating.   

......Read on for the rest of the article and to download the tutorial!


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Here's a few of the reviews that have come in so far!  (BTW...after this week, I'm going to try not to read the as I know someone is going to not love it and I don't want the bad reviews to hurt my heart..but in my head I know it's coming).  For now, I'm going to ride the high and pat myself on the back for doing the best job I could do for the place I was in creatively, and so far...that job looks like it's resonating with artists who have bought the book!   Thank you all for the emails, texts, and Facebook posts!  Keep em coming if you have bought the book yourself! I love seeing them!     I'm already thinking of what's next and there will be a next!! :))

 Order this now! Fantastic book.I buy many, many art books and mostly mixed media oriented topics -- and I am picky, and I don't often review books. But this book is worth more than 5 stars to me. Everything about it is wonderful and I think it is a perfect combination of attractive (to me) projects and techniques. Although it is step by step technique, it isn't a "make this" crafty project book nor do I find myself not finding the techniques approachable. I am excited to dive in and see where it takes me. Wow is all I can say --- and I hope to someday take an in-person workshop with Jodi.  (M. Shea)

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome. However I am allergic to Golden products. Can I use a different acrylic successfully?

Jodi Ohl said...

Hi Margaret! The Pouring medium is a Liquitex product so that might be a possibility. The 'glossy-glass like" look is the last step and optional, you could also just spray the piece with a high gloss varnish and not go for the dimensional aspect.

Enjoy! Jodi