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Monday, January 05, 2015

Kicking off the New Year Giveaway...Winner Revealed!

In one of my last posts, I decided to kick off the New Year by doing a little artsy giveaway for one of my  blog readers who shared their Creative Intentions for 2015. If you missed that post, the passage along with all the amazing comments are well worth the time to read and ponder. Even for myself,  I had a ton of great suggestions on what YOU would like to see from me in 2015 and in the future. I'm so pumped up with ideas and enthusiasm, thank you so much for taking the time to stop over and  sharing your thoughts with everyone at 'Sweet Repeats"!!

I know it's a little early for "Spring" yet, but honestly, the 'resolution'  or 'resolutions' for your creative  goals and  for your personal life will breathe new energy into your world. If you dream it, it can materialize. If you take action, you can see results.  If you believe in something,  run after your aspirations without looking back!

Here's to a Happy and Healthy, Prosperous and Amazing New Year for all!

.....and is our winner for the giveaway.  Out of 76 responses--my assistant aka-Random Number Generator picked number...

22Powered by RANDOM.ORGHopefully I know how to count--lol   and well, even if I don't, that winner is, Miss Kim C!
Luckily I know who Kim C because her profile doesn't link anywhere (haha...just a hint for next time, make sure everyone leaves an email so I can get a hold of you)!!

Blogger KimC said...
Personally, I love more abstract paintings and things. That would be my suggestion for your upcoming books...yes, plural. Love the idea of one abstract (pods and such) and another more whimsical, then perhaps one on faces too! Would love and my fingers are crossed for your give! I need to clean up and clear out. I need help though! I just get stuff and never delete stuff, I can't function in my room as it is. My goal this year is to get into my room and do some playing!
5:49 PM

Well, Kim,  I hope you make time for yourself, clear out the art room and make room for all the masterpieces that  are sure to come!    :)  I appreciate all your book ideas!! Or make that Books! One or more of those ideas just may manifest into a dream come true ! Who knows?!
Congratulations on your winning, I am so happy for you and I hope you enjoy your new goodies that will be coming your way!


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Maybe classes aren't your thing and you want to check out some funky cool artwork--or heck, both! Be sure to stop by  my Etsy shop. All throughout January you'll see new additions to the shop, including some fun supplies and 'destash'!!

I hope this first Monday of the New Year treated you well...I know I enjoyed every minute of it as I took a day off and went on  a 'field trip' with some friends.  Well most of the day off. I started working again at 6pm and it's 9:30 right now...that's the thing about working for yourself, you make your own hours which can be a mostly really good thing. 
Have a great rest of the week, I'm sure we will be chatting again soon!

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Amanda said...

Just signed up! My third sign up in a week! Love your teaching style!