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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Final Words.....

One of my favorite parts of sending out a newsletter has come to be the section "Final Words".  Sometimes the passage is random, other times it has to do with the theme of what project I'm working on,  even stories shared from a student or customer every once in a while.

Part of my plan this year is to up my game in the content I am delivering via newsletter and growing my reach of subscribers so that those that are drawn most to my work, will have the first chance on exclusive specials,  or opportunities to be a part of limited spacing classes or retreats.

Here's  sample newsletter just sent out yesterday.  Be sure to read the last passage, "Final Words".  

I'm thinking in addition to blog posts, I will use some of your suggestions from my post "Creating Good Habits" as content as well to add to the newsletter in my 'final word' section plus other suggestions sprinkled throughout the  issue.  It inspires me to no end, thinking about the possibilities!

Is there anything you'd like to learn more about or be inspired with??

Have a Happy Hump Day~!!!

BTW--today is the first day of my new class, "Podtastic"!!! Class opens to the public soon, join in at any time!

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