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Sunday, January 04, 2015

10 Minute Journaler -Creative Inspiration in Short Bursts of Time

Something I hear quite often is, I don't have enough time to create.  I'm too busy doing other things.  I totally get it, we all have 72 hours worth of stuff jammed into a mere 24 hours. With that said,  I think if you took an honest look at your schedule-you'd find 10 minutes here and there or you COULD find 10 minutes if you really wanted. I know I could find about and hour more in my day if I didn't meander around the world wide web of oohh look at that, or what's that about, or who's doing what, where, and when. I get sucked up into it too...all..the..time.

How do we change? You just do.  I know I'm making small changes in my schedule that are leading to big things and making more room in my life to do things that I really want to do.  Here's a little messy grungey journal page that I did in 10 minutes.  Of course it's in speed play but I really didn't speed it up too much. I took a 10 minute video and about 1/2 it.  Is it totally done? No.  But it is further along than if I just said I didn't have any time to play and just did some other time sucking thing.

Keep those creative juices flowing by just doing something! Anything!

Some of the products used in my journal page:

Liquitex Paint Markers
Sharpie Paint Markers
Dylusions Journal
Liquitex Spray Paint
Golden paint
Fineline applicator bottles
Neocolor Watersoluble crayon.

The second side is started and ready for me to add on when I have time.  My tip of the day is to not multi-task in a fashion that leaves you going in 500 different directions all at one time, but to not waste paint or supplies if you can help it.

Swipe your excess paint on another journal page.

Wipe your opposite stencil side on another page or paper handy.

Put your stuff away after a project. I'm trying to do a better job of that and it's helping me stay focused so much more. Rather than have every art supply I own on the table, I only keep out what I'm using. I used to fear that I would forget I had something unless I left it out. Irrational, I know. Recipe for creative chaos and I've had enough of that. I want to do what I love everyday but I also want to live my personal life, too, and I can't do  both if I'm not efficient.  Hi my name is, Jodi, and I'm a recovering messy artist :))

I hope this little creative inspiration helps you to realize that 10 minutes of creative time is achievable and something cool can come out of even short bursts of time.

Until we meet again,



Connie Permenter said...

Awesome Jodi ! Thanks for sharing and for all the tips ! They do make a big impact when trying to multi task .

Roxanne said...

I need to be organized so bad. Maybe this will help. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Jodi!!! Helps so much and I love seeing you work!!