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Sunday, November 03, 2013

AEDM Project 2 Am I Worthy

AEDM Project 2
"Am I Worthy"

Hello's Sunday and a bit cold outside. The leaves are dancing around the yard carefree and congregating in places that I should be taking care of right now, but here I am warm and cozy inside hibernating on this fall morning. I will be out soon enough, taking care of my chores that I've been putting off all week.  One of these days I will have a full time yard boy:)

For yesterdays project I worked on a portrait on grey toned paper by Strathmore which I love. I've been using it quite frequently as you can build up the tones quicker and the face doesn't look as harsh as when you are sketching on white paper.

Normally I use a reference photo from a magazine and just change the pictures up. I avoid anyone who is smiling with their pearly whites showing at all costs.LOL   I haven't graduated to drawing teeth just yet. Or bodies for that matter.
I do love me some eyes though.
Lips are my next favorite.

I've even come to love and respect hair.  We often rush when it comes to drawing hair, or at least I used to.   Now I enjoy seeing it build up and come to life. I've learned some very valuable tricks along the way and am sure I will continue to learn the more I practice.
The more and more I glazed on the layers of pencil and charcoal, I thought that my girl looked a bit sad. Almost teary eyed.  She was not feeling strong or confidant, questioning herself in many ways.
It's funny how our own emotions can come out in our art even if that wasn't what we intended at first.
I finished off with building depth around the girl by doing some freestyle writing and even scribbles. It's  a good way to get your feelings out and it also gives the background an edgy look.
Am I Worthy.
I know I am, but it doesn't always feel that way..and so I art:)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, stay warm and make time for YOU.

Artfully Yours,



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Maron said...


Nigel Roberts said...

Beautiful portrait, she looks wistful.
I'm pretty much a beginner with portraits. Hair and eyes are ok, but lips just spoil it every time :(

wandered over from AEDM

Serena Lewis said...

Beautiful portrait, Jodi! I too avoid drawing pearly whites.

Happy AEDM,

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow. I love how you rendered this portrait and also how you shared the process with us. Remarkable, all of it!

Carol said...

Sweet!!! Yeah I stay away from teeth and bodies too. Someday ...but not yet :)

Vicki Miller said...

Your skills are pretty amazing, no need to have any doubt about that

Kim Price said...

Wow, amazing work!

Erin Fish said...

this is absolutely beautiful!