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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Art Everyday Month Project 1

Good Morning!
I just wanted to share one of my first blog friends  big event which occurs every November,  "Art Everyday Month". Leah is great and very inspiring and I've been following her throughout the last 6 or 7 years.   She has been managing this event where people can share projects every day throughout November on her blog "Creative Everyday".  Your art doesn't have to be over the top, nor do you really have to do it everyday.  However, I can guarantee that when you make an effort to sit down at least 10-20 minutes everyday, you will feel inspired, maybe even compelled to do more. Extra bonus,  you will see yourself evolve!
I pretty much do art everyday, but what I don't art that just is what it is. It's not to sell or not for a project.  I may not be able to do 'just cuz art'  everyday but I'm hopeful I can add more of it into my routine.  I'll share as much of whatever I'm doing this month, too!

So here are my doodles created on a 9x12 mixed media paper using stencils to create a pattern, then I doodled within the patter.  EZ, right?   Great TV/Couch play.

Grab your sharpies and create your own!
I used a sharpie that had both the thin tip and thicker one on either side...quite handy when your space is limited or you are on the go and can only take a few supplies with you.

Whenever I am doing doodles like this, I challenge myself to make each area different.   It keeps things interesting but even more so, it challenges me to keep inventing (and I don't mean I invented the pattern) new designs for each of my areas.

Not the greatest picture guessed it. Still on the couch relaxing and took the picture from my lap.  Hey. It's Saturday. Don't judge;)

Same time, same place...see you tomorrow!



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Art Expression said...

Art everyday month....I love it.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

No judging here. I think this is absolutely lovely and then some. I'm typing from my recliner. I know what I'm talking about! Happy, always, to find another enthusiastic #aedm2013 artist!

Snap said...

Doodling is fun -- especially on the couch! ;) Happy AEDM!

Leah said...

Haha!! I'm not going to judge! Love making art on the couch!

It's a great drawing. So fun! And I'm so glad you're doing AEDM again. :-)