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Monday, November 04, 2013

AEDM Project 3 Reach For the Stars Journal Page

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful and creative weekend!
I actually found myself out of the studio most of the weekend but still fit in creative adventures in other ways. I think so often we feel it either has to be a 5 hour session or it's not studio time. Or even it has to be in the studio to be creative.  At least that had been my mindset for awhile until I realized at some point that unless I got out and did other things in the world (some relating back to art, some not), that my 'well' quickly dried up.     Saturday we took a drive up to Raleigh and checked out the World of Art show at the convention center. It was quite interesting to me,  there was a huge amount of contemporary and fine art from around the world.  Big pieces, sculptures, paintings, book arts, watercolors..and everything in between. 
The prices on some of the work was a sticker shock to me. It just showed me that I have a long way to go before I've really 'made' it.  However, as soon as I say that I want to stop myself and say that success wears many hats and is not the same for everyone. I feel successful in that I have art around the world in private collections.  Maybe not a ton..but it's out there.  :)  And it's also gratifying to know I've had the good fortune to teach other aspiring artists around the world both online and in person.  
The more I think about what direction I want to go in and what steps I need to do to get there, I just know that "There is no Maybe".  You can do whatever you set your mind to.
The road you take may not be the one you intended on taking but just as long as  you keep moving forward and continue to "Reach For the Stars" you will achieve great things.

Certainly you will achieve many more things than if you never had tried at all. And I'm not just talking about's whatever you desire to do.  It could be running a marathon or writing a book,  changing careers, or buying that dream home in the mountains or along the beach.
Take the steps necessary to start working towards whatever it is you desire.
Sounds simple enough, and it is. Not to say it's easy, there's a difference between simple and easy.
Most good things that you want to do or achieve require hard work and even some sacrifices.
But it's worth it in the end.

I just started thinking about all of this and more while immersing myself in the journal page. I had previously sprayed some ink through stencils and added some Twinkling h20s to the page. Preparing journal background pages ahead of time is a great way to just grab and go when you have a chance. Rather than starting at ground zero, you already have a good head start.

And then simply just do whatever comes to mind. It may be collage work, it may be doodling. Or a combination of everything.  
My themes sort of manifest themselves based on whatever it is I'm feeling or thinking at the time.
Sometimes I don't even realize xyz is on my mind until I start going.

It's all about being open and not afraid and just starting.

 It is very possible. Trust me, I know. I'm doing things today I'd never imagined I'd be doing 4 years ago.

Have fun on your own journey.   Don't look back unless it's to see how far you've come:)

Artfully Yours,



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Tobi Kibel Piatek said...

COLOR!!! I love color. Your work simply jumps off the page. I will be back - come visit me - I love color too