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Monday, November 03, 2008

Art Everyday Month!

If you have been waiting for challenge to start that really captures the essence of your own creative spirit, wait no more. Join in Leah's challenge to create art everyday for an entire month. Perhaps your art is sewing, cooking, drawing, painting, crochet, knitting, polymer clay, writing, journaling--whatever it is that floats your creative boat, think about joining in this great challenge which will spur your creative spirit on in a community like setting. It would be great if you could document your journey along the way as well, but there is no pressure here. Just do what you can and enjoy the process. You may learn something about yourself, others, or perhaps discover a new technique. You will surely grow because of this initiative! Leah has set up a blog page dedicated to AEDM--check it in the link below.
November is Art Everyday Month There's also a flicker page to join if you want to share your WIP or completed projects during the challenge:
Flickr Page to join
Thank you Leah for encouraging the creative spirit in so many!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who stopped by to send their best wishes and congrats in my last post!!! What a thrill to read so many encouraging and supportive comments! I have really enjoyed sharing this whole experience with my family, friends, and blog readers (who so many I consider my extended family and friends). It does inspire me to do more and more!
For my AED entry for the last two days, I spent cooking up some more inspirational magnets. I have these set aside to go into my B&M stores that I am in downtown. Don't let these little buggers fool you--this is about a weeks worth of work to make them come together!! I need to experiment with a more efficient way of doing them without comprising the details that go into them. Not sure how to create them any faster than I do considering I have to let them dry between the several layers of coats of this that or the other thing I put on them. Maybe I need an art fairy to help
For myself, I am going to approach this creative month with goals to acheive by month's end. I work better when I have direction. Not that I stick to it exactly, but having something to work towards gives me motivation.

Okay so here goes my November goals and to do list:

1) Finish up my red and blue collection Ive been working on (total pieces-8)
2) Start working on the next grouping of Winter in NY part 2 (I've had a lot of good feedback on this collection so I want to explore the color combination further). Total pieces 10
3) Start on what will be an ongoing project--creating 1 large work each month for the next 12 months
4) List all my new prints that I have here that have been waiting patiently for me to get my act together.

(My lil bloody boy this Halloween)
5) Work on my ATC for the Art of The Carolina's--absolute due date, November 12 th. Pieces needed-40
6) Work on my next article for group project
7) Start new piece for my next submission for a summer piece
8) Start a business account
9) Buy more canvases and more good paint at the vendor trade show next week
10) Update my price list for 2009 (I am revisiting my pricing and will be developing a formula that better fits into what the actual costs are, time involved, and make room for some profit)

(eek gads...who is that? what a sight!)

11) Order a new set of prints (I must list the first set though before I do that)

12) Work on my next group of magnets that I will put in my shop (goal is to make 100)
13) Work on 2 custom orders pending
14) Buy a journal book and sign up for Pam's class next January

(jason was patrolling the haunted Halloween garage)
15) Blog more often about my wip, ramblings, etc. I've been managing about 2x a week..I'd like to do a few more posts a week but not neccesarily long ones. All your inspiring comments and feedback definitely keep my spirits up and encourages me to create more and more!

((awww my real lil pumpkin) what a cutie patootie! I'm not sure what happened to the pumpkin itself, perhaps mumps-chicken pox?? Acne??? All the above?

Well that's it for me. As you can see, I have a big month planned, I hope I can do it all. We'll let you know come December 1st how it went!


Even if it is only for this month, find a reason why you CAN do something, rather than a reason why you can't. Let the river flow you to the sea and believe it CAN be done.
Give yourself permission to be all that is inside of you!


starrynightimpressions said...

i love the art every day challenge, I really do try everyday to do something, it just doesn't feel right to just walk by my art table!!
and not paint or glue! lol
I am loving your magnets, beautiful blue :)

MizSmoochieLips said...

Fun fun fun! The Poxy pumpkin is grreat, haha!
And I love the AED idea! Just wish I had enough time in the day... sigh... I know, I know... excuses excuses. lol

And OHHHH, CONGRATULATIONS on your first feature, chicky!!

Leah said...

love all those magnets!!

and thanks for the great shout out, girl!!


Anonymous said...

Sister I have never been more proud of you in my life. I love you.

carin.c said...

Wow - love your magnets! The AEDM is pushing me to do more than I've ever done. I am enjoying it though. Your art is wonderful. I've subscribed so I can keep up, but I need to look back through it more when I get a better chance!