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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finding My Way Home--My first feature!!!!


Finally--it's arrived!! I have been waiting for this issue (November/December 2008 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors) like it was a marriage On pins and needles because I new it was on the horizon, I just didn't know exactly when it would land in my lap. It's definitely a proud moment today, to say that I have in my hands my first ever article that I wrote, featuring three of my signature house series in my 'In The Village' collection! Cloth Paper Scissors is my favorite art magazine, so what a thrill to have this happen. It's amazing at how far I've come in just a little over a year!!

table of contents

That's me--on page 40! Sharing good company with so many other talented people!
What a gorgeous cover--makes me want to get some hot cocoa and curl up by the fireplace next to the tree. If I had a fireplace or a tree right now, I'd be doing exactly that!


My sweet girl....looking to "Find Her Way Home"
This series is extremely important to me. With each and every piece completed, I realize more and more how important finding a community is to feeling centered. To belong, to feel secure, to plant your feet down on firm ground is all so very necessary before you move forward in achieving your dreams.

It's important to know where you came from in order to appreciate and understand where it is you need to go next.

What a discovery, and to think all of my wonderful friends I've met on this little blog have
been able to share this journey with me!!
finding my way home2
Before my 15 minutes of fame end, I want to thank wholeheartedly my friend Nanette for helping me edit this article before I submitted-her advice and feedback helped me tremendously in organizing my thoughts. Thank you Nanette!

Also featured in this beautiful issue is a good friend of mine, Nancy Lefko who does gorgeous collages as well. Nancy's Tea for Two piece is a most fabulous piece and has a great feature in the issue. She is also a member of my Metsy team and one of 8 artists I'm working with on a special project. How wonderful it is to have such good company on this journey!!!
Finding my way home
And Thank you dear readers, family, friends--for supporting me along the way! Next stop? Who knows but I can't wait to get there!

To see more photos--click here!

To visit my etsy shop--click here!

**Right now, I don't have these pieces back from the publisher, but if anyone is interested in them, please email me at johl3 at windstream dot net. I will be offering these lovely little mixed media paintings (6 x 6 on 1 1/2 inch canvas) in my etsy shop as soon as they arrive. I also have three other pieces featured in a local shop that match the group beautifully!

Thank you again--with love, Jodi ((((aka LUCY))))


Regina said...

Wow Jodi!
Congratulations! You inspire me.


you are a sweetheart to include me in your "post of fame" truly has been a delight to know you and share this ride with you.

Hugs, sweetie !!!

Nanette said...

I am flattered for the mention in your blog. I am amazed watching your transformation this past year. I can see that you're finding yourself in your work and I thoroughly enjoy being your friend. I'll always be there to help you. That's what friends are about.
Cheers! to your success and remember, fame should increase that per inch figure.

pinkglitterfae said...

congrats on your feature! I will be looking for Cloth Paper Scissors this weekend :-D

Shara said...

I admire the way you decided what yu wanted and DID it! Your artwork has evolved so much and is just wonderful. And, to be in PRINT! So lucky and well deserved. You go, Juicy!

Heather Robinson said...

I couldn't be more proud of you. You SO deserve this honour. As you know I am a huge fan of your artwork and sweet you! You write so beautifully and eloquently....I'll savour your piece when I get get my hot little hands on the magazine. Big hugs of congratulations, dear friend!!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm going to grab a copy this weekend...and of course brag to the checkout lady that two of my famous artist friends are featured in the mag : )

Rebecca said...

CONGRATS! You deserve it. :) I'm picking up a copy tomorrow!!

starrynightimpressions said...

Congrats, Jodi!!!
I am just on my way out the door and will stop by my local paper arts store and grab this mag!
I'm going to be doing the happy dance when I see your name!

Tess said...

Jody, I cannot express enough how awestruck, amazed and excited I was to see you in the covers of Cloth Paper Scissors when it arrived in my mailbox. You are a wonderful soul and deserve this so very much. Congrats, congrats and another conrats, on a job well done!

Amy said...

I am so pleased for you! Yay you! Yay you! Yay you!

Jane said...

OMG! Soooo AWESOME! Can't say that I am the least bit surprised! Those of us who have watched your creative evolution over the last few years knew that it was just a matter of time before you really got noticed.

Enjoy it all! You've come a long way dear friend!

jodi said...

This is so exciting. You have come so far and I look forward to seeing what you do in the coming months.

Kathy said...

I am so very happy for you. I echo what everyone else has already mentioned. Your a dear soul and I am very proud of you!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

When I received my magazine, I immediately flipped through it and found your wonderful art ~ knew it was yours without even reading the author yet! It was an inspiring writing ~ thanks for sharing your step by step process with your readers. Congrats! I am so very happy for you! Blessings, Katie

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog ~ they mean more than you can know! You're a sweetie. Hey ~ love the music (Moma Mia?).

Paula said...

Congratulations! It's so fantastically cool that you're on the path and meeting your goals! I've looked around my little town for a copy of the magazine you're in with no luck. A trip to Portland is in order.
((clapping for you!))

Trish said...

thank you so much for the compliment:) I so appreciate it-but you can do the characters! isn't that your piece with the girl on it?she is lovely! I haven't figured out how to take my girls and paint them yet like you did(is that acrylic paint?) well, I hope to chat again soon-have a nice evening (and I am definitely going to remember that money I am saving from the cigs! I plan to take an online class with some of it:)

Kelly said...

i'm a little late to this post, but congrats! i was just checking our your etsy shop (again) and saw yours news about CPS. i'm a big CPS fan myself but i've been catching up on all the back issues. the nov/dec is next on my list! can't wait to see your article in there. yeah for you!

Cristi said...

Hi Jodi, just found your blog via my friend Kelly @ happyshackdesigns. I love your work! Congratulations on your first article...What a honor!