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Wednesday, November 05, 2008



This is serious headway (errr I mean mess) folks!! My version of Art Everyday Month is more like Art ADD month. I've got my hands in just about everything these last few days. First photo features my magnets all packaged up--they came out sooo cute if I do say so myself. Now that that batch is done, last night I focused on some of my other groupings I have going.

Art Everyday Month WIP  November 4-5
I'm at the point where I'm just about out of room in my dining room for my WIPs, art crapola, and misc things that I have strewn about. What's a girl who has no carpentry skills whatsover in her bones? Make a makeshift table, that's what you do. Easy peezy. Take 2 chairs (or counter stools in my case), add some wood and wa-lah. Table. There you go. High tech, huh?

Art Everyday Month WIP  November 4-5
Who cares if you can't walk around in my diningroom. I think that's a moot point. It's all about the creative juices to heck with dinner. It's really overated anyway.

Even if you did want to eat dinner at my house at the dining room table you can't because I moved it out in favor of a banquet table from last Christmas Eve's appetizer party we had. Uhhh ya. I'm out of control. You dont' have to tell me that. I like to do a lot of things at once in case you didn't notice.

See that big jar of goop to the right? That's Golden Satin Glaze--one of my new favorite toys. You mix it with acrylic paint to make it more lightfast which allows for layering and journaling to show through. It also works great if you want to scrape or scratch off paint as you layer. Fun stuff! This afternoon I dropped off my Winter In NY pieces to the Fayetteville Museum of Art where I am going to have several pieces in their new gallery show this week. I wish I had known they were doing a reception on Friday at 6pm. The art director asked me if I was going to be there for the reception and I just had a dumb look on my face. She says 'We have you featured in our newsletter as a featured artist (which I knew about the feature...but no one told me about the reception). Yikes. I have to work until 6--the museum is a good hour from where I can I pull this one off??? I guess I'm just going t have to show up fashionably late because my day job has been a bear this week with staffing. I almost wasn't able to even sneak out today to drop my artwork off this afternoon. Ahhhh the double life I The good news is, I got my paycheck from the article this week so I actually made money this month!! YAY--now I have funds for the Art of the Carolina's Trade Show next week. It won't be long until I'm doing this full (ya right). It's a possibility though--nothing is impossible rather.

I am stressing myself out though over all my self imposed deadlines. It's a good stress but it's stress nontheless. I'm in this for the long haul but I must get myself in a routine and not take on more than I can chew--with my day job it's hard to burn the candle at both ends and be on top of my game in all arenas.

Other good news---I'm going to have another little feature in CPS in the next couple of months!!! I'm working on a little project right now to supplement the article I wrote for it. Yay! Things are looking up!!

--Go forward without fear, it's in your mistakes that you find your next masterpiece!


PCarriker said...

Yeah for you girl! You are one busy bee-lol! Have fun at the show, that is just wonderful and another article too-woo-hoo!!
BIG hugs,

MizSmoochieLips said...

That is Sooo amaaaazing, girl! And you've gotta skip out of work early for the reception!
You are rockin' it!!! I'm so happy for you =]

Regina said...

I just spent over 14 hours away from home today & you make me feel like a slacker. LOL!
Do try to get off work early to get to the reception. So happy for your success.

Kathy said...

If anyone deserves to be a full time ARTIST, is it you! You have worked so hard, and I can't even image how you juggle a full time job with your pieces. I am so very happy for you, I know you have worked hard for it! Much luck with the new article too.

carin.c said...

Wow you've been busy... congrats on being a featured artist... that is awesome!

createitcottage said...

Do you ever sleep or have you turned your bed into to a work table too?? Ha-Ha Enjoy your show, You deserve it!!


Woo hoo !! Things are really on a roll for you !! Terrific !! Enjoy the ride and don't get too stressed. Way to go, girlfriend !!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Congrats!!! Enjoy the reception...even if you are fashionably late. Looks like your carpentry skills are about as developed as your!

Patti said...

yahoo!!!! dining rooms, along with MANY other formalities, are highly overrated. you go girl - glad to see you rolling in the good vibes (don't you have a work errand on Friday?!)
Take care!

starrynightimpressions said...

Yeh, work errand, I thought I heard you say something about that too! lol
Congrats girl!
I bought the cps mag yesterday just so I could read your article and I was so impressed! Loved all the info.
Isn't art the best way to live!!!?

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Oh my gosh, this is so exciting! I love looking at your table and your wip. And, more CPS. Nothing but good, good, good.

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