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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Repeats!

Happy Anniversary Sweet Repeats!

You are officially one year old!!

It's hard to believe that a year and a day has passed when I first wrote this. At that time, I was lamenting an event that was very dramatic for me and my kids, and really my whole family as when one hurts, we all hurt. We had just moved into this house (August 1st of 2006), not by choice but it's availiability and reasonableness saved us from being homeless or being in a home we couldn't afford to be in after the fire.

My computer was damaged almost beyond repair but I was able to turn it on and after the second time, I decided to quick as I could put all my pictures on disc and I'm so glad I did. No sooner did I finish putting it all on the discs and it died completely. I am soooo glad because I am terrible about printing pictures and the digital images of the kids for the last 7 or 8 years were 90 % stored on it. The only pictures of all the artwork I did previous to our "move" were saved as well, unfortunately the real ones were not. That's the topic of my first post, how far I've come since those first few days, first few weeks of last summer and early fall, thanks to my family, friends, this blog, and all my new friends.

The first blog I ever read was Selena's, Apron Thrift Girl, and then I poked through her comments and clicked on one link after another as she always had tons of comments, and from there I found Rebecca's blog, Thrifty Goodness. As you all probably know, Rebecca and I became fast friends and through our mutual friendship budded our Sweet Goodness Swap "business". Over this last year, we have held 3 really big swaps and have "met" well over 150 of the most talented bloggers in the world! This month we are hosting the Holiday Sister Swap, which is fashioned on the premiss of getting to know another Blog Sister, share some fun during the holidays, and remembering eachother with a few random acts of kindness during the swap.

Besides the "swapping" business, I've shared some Holiday cooking of mine (or goody making), a few crafts I've made, and dished a lot about the troubles I've had with a certain someone (who still will not leave me be), tooted my thrift horn, bragged on the kids, and embarked on a new side hobby that I hope to someday make into a career. I've been motivated by your comments, inspired by your creations, and comforted by your words. I hope I've been a good blog friend back and did the same for you, as I know that part of the success of a blog, is the interaction between the writer and the reader (although you should always write from the heart and because you want to , not because it's an obligation). I think the main reason I have enjoyed this so much, is the sense of community I have gotten out of blogging, because my own real life world can seem a little sheltered and small at times from being so far from my family. I appreciate all of the new friends I have made, and the old friends I have been able to stay in touch with through this journal.

For that and more, I thank you for being a part of this journey.

It takes a leap of faith to write on a blog, to join in a swap, to challenge yourself into creating or learning something new, to open up and give insight to who you are not just on a blog, but face to face with the rest of the world. Take that leap, where ever you are, and go towards that which may be unfamiliar no matter what "that" is!

Life is all about the journey.

Happy Blogoversary, Sweet Repeats!!

True to the tradition of "blog milestones", I am going to give back a little something to one of my commenters from now until Saturday evening at 11:59 pm, so please delurk and make my day and leave me a message and tell me what you like about reading blogs, reading Sweet Repeats, and what leap you want to take soon!

What will you win?? I'm going to give away one of the two collages above, my newest in my collections. The top one is about 8x10, and the bottom one is about 5 x 7; I really really love both of these (not that I don't love all of my work like a proud Mamma), but both of these seem to speak to me for some reason. The winner can pick whichever one, then the other will go on Etsy.

Also--I am going to include a collage pack that you can can use to create your own masterpiece. Whether you want to give painting and collage a try, or you already do and would love more supplies--this give away will inspire you to CREATE!! PLUS, I am throwing in MISC items just because this is a special milestone for me in a lot of ways...and I want to share gratitude with you :)

Remember, make a comment from now until midnight on Saturday for your chance to win!!




nancyb said...

I never knew all that! I'm sorry you and your family had to go through that ordeal I am happy though that you found a place to call home and are doing well..I've only known you a short time and in that little bit of time have become friends it is so nice to connect with someone online and hope someday we meet! Please enter me for one of your lovely pieces! Thanks! Hugs!! xo

Anonymous said...

Your blog does more than comfort You! THANKS!! and Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dinah said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog since the first post I read back in the spring. It's been nice getting to know you, and you ARE a good blogging friend!

Dana said...

Happy Anniversary:) Here's to many more!!! I love to read your blog, it's almost like sitting down to coffee with a friend!


Vallen said...

It would be such an honor to actually own a piece of your art so please add my name to the list. I loved finding you and Rebecca in the spring swap. It was a monumental day to be sure. I haven't missed many days since then. I love visiting, reading about your days and seeing all your creative efforts.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Happy year birthday. I feel honored that my blog led you to other blogs and strong friendship. I too have a similar map of where I started. I remember thinking that I had to have this too. I want a blog and the rest is history. I hope someday that we too can meet. I'd love to go thrifting with you.

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Happy Anniversary!! You've come a long way, baby! I love the sense of community as well, it truly is the best part of blogging :) Your blog is just lovely :D

Heidi said...

congratulations on your one-year. What I like most about reading your blog is seeing you grow and gain the confidence to do amazing things in your life. Your art really reflects that too.

Rebecca said...

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I'm so gald we found each other. :) Okay I'm getting teary now . .

Christy said...

Alot has happened in just a years time and I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you! You are very talented and I always love seeing what your up to next.

Congrats on your 1 year!

linda t said...

OK Lucy, now you've done it! I just saw your comment on another blog, about mixing peanuts and candy corn together! Oh, My. Gosh. I'm in heaven!
SOOO yummy!
OK, so what's a few more added pounds... but oh so worth it! Thanks Lucy!

VaxGirl said...

Happy Blogaversary! I'm glad that you are a year away from most of the trying times. Here's to many good years to come!

Raesha D said...

Happy anniversary Sweet Repeats!!! Here's to many more wonderful years:)

Breanna said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so happy you blog, you give me a lot of food for thought. I posted once about how I found sweet goodness swaps at a difficult time in my life, and you guys really helped me find some happiness. Hurray for blogs and new friends!

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! I can honestly say that I have witnessed a beautiful evolution in your collage. Each one gets more subtle and sophisticated. I am just amazed! You are very inspirational in the way that you used blogging and art to transition through sadness this year. And, yeah, I would love to own a collage!

jar said...


I started reading your blog when we were matched for the pincushion swap. It was my first swap ever and I was so lucky to have been matched with you. I keep reading your blog as I like the way you write, you always have something interesting to say, you have taught me that a collage is much more than a bunch of things crammed onto a piece of paper, we both have two boys and you know how to spell my name right:-)!! I also like the way that Sweet Goodness Swaps are run. The instructions are very clear. What leap that I will be taking I'm not sure. Right now I just want the bees to live through the winter and not want to strangle a certain sweet 17 year old during the college application process!!
Anyway, Happy Anniversary.

Bee said...

Happy Anniversary! Yours was one of the first blogs I read and I continue to enjoy it! I enjoy watching your creativity grow.

laura said...

I can't believe I got so busy working that I missed the deadline! RATS! Congratulations on your anniversary! I've loved seeing your art/reading your posts and have spent considerable time looking at your sweet holiday treats from last year. You certainly have transitioned since you started. Just think...this coming year will be even better and before we know it we'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of your etsy shop!

Susan said...

Dear Lucy,

I know I've missed your deadline, but no matter, because I simply wanted to say Happy Anniversary!!!

I've so enjoyed your posts and always appreciate the sweet comments you leave me on The T-Cozy.

Here's to another successful and fun year of blogging.

Warm regards,

Christy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Repeats!

I"m hopelessly behind on my blog reading. Glad I didn't miss this post. :)

Paula said...

Happy Happy Blogoversary!! Missed your deadline, but I already have my very own Sweet Lucy Collage. I just hung her up yesterday and she is posted on my site. You were one of my first blogging buddies and one of the first places I always stop at in my bloggy visits. I love your creativity, humour and openness. Thanks for sharing your life with us!
Hugs back, Paula

AnastasiaC said...

happy one year blog-anniversary!!!
so sorry to hear you lost your home to a fire - how's to moving on and making a new home and being so positive about your future!!!