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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last Call for Swappers

Last call for Swappers!!

Tomorrow is the deadline for our Holiday Sister Swap over at Sweet Goodness Swaps. We still have room for about 7 more swappers, or more as long as it's an even number. We have 1 international swapper that wants to join in from the Netherlands but we want to make it economical for everyone so if anyone wants to swap overseas or is overseas and wants to join in, and you have good references or feedback on ebay or etsy, please let us know so our dear friend Monique can have a partner!

Drop us a line today!!!

1 comment :

Mrs. G. said...

I would love to partner with international Monique. I have stunning ebay feedback and am not daunted by extra postage and wrapping paper. Let me know.