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Monday, December 12, 2016

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained/UPDATED

Is it Monday already??  Why yes it is!  I hope you had a glorious weekend full of fun and adventure!  Mine was action packed, lots of arting of course,   some time with friends doing holiday activities (holiday carriage parade,  lunch out, shopping),  Christmas tree shopping and decorating with the boy, and watching Hallmark movies about sums up my weekend! Haha :)

This week is going to be so fun and full of artsy goodness, I can hardly wait!   On top of being my Birthday week Month.....(hey when you are my age, if you are going to have a Birthday it might as well be a month long celebration, right)....this week I'm participating and hosting a few BIG events!

Here's a little synopsis:

1.  Monday, December 12th through Tuesday Morning, December 13th, I am the featured artist in the 2016 Handmade Holiday Auction hosted by Stephanie Gagos.  I'm the final artist to wind up this thrilling 14 day event!  I couldn't be more excited but I have to tell you it's a little intimidating, especially after seeing all the AMAZING work featured by the other artists went before me.    I mentioned this on Facebook last night that it's really scary to be in such a vulnerable position.  What if no one likes the work I am featuring?  What if no one bids?  lol  I deal with worse case scenarios in my head but at the same time,  when you create art or anything from your hands and heart is something so personal you can't help but to feel a little vulnerable.    I wouldn't have it any other way though.  It's through this path that my life has been enriched by the 100's if not 1000's of people I have met since I started my career almost 10 years ago.  (I've worked for myself for 5 years this October).     If you would like to check out a few of the 30+ work I'll be featuring during the auction,  check out this video.      I'd be honored if you joined us,  whether you want to bid or not--just drop by and comment and say hi! I appreciate your support.

Here is a link to the Facebook Auction Event:  Click HERE.

*note, to bid on an item, look for a post that says Auction and simply leave a comment.  Stephanie will be uploading work throughout the day with some items ending this evening and some ending in the morning.


2.  The next item on my agenda this week is my 3rd annual Pay What You Can Sale in celebration of my Birthday!  This is a super fun event I've been hosting for the past couple of years which features many items of mine where you can place  bid on that particular item based on what you can pay.  It's a great way to get a deal for the holidays if you've been eyeing one of my pieces up.   This year I will be featuring work  in the following categories:  Prints, Originals,  Package Deals, BOOK package deals, Online Classes,  and a couple of Buy It Now options at a set but reduced price.

The sale will go live tomorrow, December 13th at aroud 12pm EST and run through Friday evening, December 16th.   

Actually---I am going to postpone the sale for a few days  and run it  through Sunda, December 18th...The auction is going so well, that I think I'm going to be busy most of the day tomorrow packing orders! WHOOOHOO!

If you would like to place an offer, there will be a form to fill out on the post. You will be able to write in your offer as well as discuss any other particulars about that item or your situation.

In years past, I've had several patrons make offers for items they couldn't afford all at once but could make payments so that is something that I will do again this year. Sort of like an artsy layaway:)

The only thing I ask is for you to not place offers for items you have no intention on buying. Last year was sort of a mixed blessing, I had a great turn out but only half of the people paid or even bothered responding back to me when I accepted their offer or had a question.   It was a little frustrating but I had many that were so happy and genuinely excited to get a deal, it made me want to give it a try one last time.   Sorry just had to put a little 'housekeeping' rules out there :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow afternoon and check out all the items for the PWYC, in the meantime,  hopefully I'll see you at the 2016 Handmade Holiday Auction!

Other Mentions--in case you missed this post, grab a special coupon code for Creative Jumpstarts  2017 before it ends soon!

Speaking of coupon codes- here's a great one for Life Book 2017 as well!

That's it for now...I feel like I have another blog post in me today to tell you more news! LOL I'm on a roll lately!

Final words, as my title of this posts mentions--Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained......don't be afraid of standing alone on the stage, in the path to becoming a shining star, great at what you do, and on the road to following your dreams, you'll have to take risks and be a bit (or a lot) vulnerable for the world to see.  Without taking a risk, you will never know what you are truly capable of!

Until next time,

Jodi Ohll


Caroline D. said...

Reading this post makes me smile. :) :) :) OH!... and your weekend sounds like it was perfect!

Lisa Norvell said...

Hi Jodi, will you still be having this sale? I know you postponed it, but when will it start? Thanks, Lisa