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On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!
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On Sale now!

On Sale now!
Save 30 dollars during my Birthday Bonanza Sale!

Friday, March 25, 2016

UPDATED--Sale extended through April 8th!

Happy Almost Easter to all of you who celebrate!   I hope you have something relaxing and fun planned for the holiday!    I wish I could say we are going away but the schedule doesn't permit this time around so we are going to have a staycation and do some fun things around here.  Sometimes that's the best way to go and then take off during the non peak times!   

Anywhoosers, I've been a total blog and newsletter slacker this month!  I think after I handed in my book and wrote two pretty emotional blog posts in February, I was done with writing for awhile..haha!   Really, I've been traveling for classes and just catching up on the pile of work I have had build up...all in a good way. I rather have work to do then none
at all!

Today I wanted to share with you something extra special that only happens a couple times a year. For a limited time, I'm offering  my classes over at Creative Workshops at a GREAT discount!   From now until  April 4th,  make that April 8th, all my workshops hosted at CW are 20% off, INCLUDING my newest class, Dirty Flirty Birds. (The students have been ROCKING it out with all of their projects!  I definitely recommend you come soar to new dirty bird heights with us!!!!)

If you are having a stay cation this week or just looking for a great deal on a class you had your eye on, it's time to pull the trigger and  join in on the fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!   Stop and smell the flowers,  take a moment to be quiet and enjoy the peacefulness of the wind,  enjoy a laugh with friends, and remember to infuse creativity into everything you do, not just the studio :)

Artfully and gratefully yours,



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