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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Living With Art and No Rules Art Journal

Extremely excited to see that one of my "Living with Art" pictures was featured over at my friend Seth Apter's Blog,  "The Altered Page".  Click the image to be taken to his blog and check out my 'living with art' picture!  If you don't know Seth or you haven't taken one of Seth's are missing out on meeting one of the kindest, sweetest and most talented artists and instructors out there in the mixed media world.    He is also the author of a couple of mixed media books and has been featured in countless publications and contributed to many many others.  Bookmark his blog to stay in touch with the pulse of mixed media!  I've had the good fortune to get to know Seth a bit as our paths have crossed on many occasions at several mixed media retreats, I'm honored to be a part of this new series he's curated.

So ya in other news...I've been on a journal roll lately in case you haven't last post shared several other pages recently completed...and here are two more. real rhyme or reason why I did either of these pages. That's one of the many exciting things about art don't have to have a reason or even do the same thing twice.  When you are working on your 'regular program' of art,  if you fall off the beaten path...people really take notice and question why you are doing this that or the your journal,  it's all about what ever strikes you at the moment and further more,  it doesn't have to be reveled to anyone unless you want it to be.

I suppose that's how your art is too...but my point is...if I suddenly did a painting of a pirate ship with dark moody colors painted with my fingers..haha...I'm stretching here.....I know I'd get emails or messages asking me if I was feeling okay...where did the colorful houses go or quirky flowers! :))   Journal..I could paint my pirate ship and no one would notice I was feeling a little ARRGGGHH!!

Maybe that metaphor wasn't the best but you get the picture.  There's no rules, and I like that sometimes. :)

Artfully yours,



Speaking of dark and moody but totally fun loving, have you checked out my online class, Grunge Ink?  This is messy, cool. fun,and chock full of great techniques using ink, Golden High Flow Paint, and Yupo paper among other things.

Stop by and see what its all about!

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