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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Art Journal: A Vacation at Home

Last night I was working in my studio for the 3rd day in a row....late in the evening, immersed in some journal work and it honestly felt delicious and extremely comforting. I go in phases when working in my journal. I almost always have it out when I'm painting to use as a palette, cleaning off my brushes or stamps right into my journal, but it might take me days, weeks, or months to complete a page.  Not always, but sometimes.   Over the last few days, I completed a bunch of pages though and started a million others. Don't you love when creativity sparks an avalanche of activity??

The outcome of these messy pages are unpredictable. I know that's disconcerting to some.  It's not easy to let go and it's easy to go down the path of what the heck is this page supposed to be.  I rarely have a plan.  I also rarely finish one page at a time, rather I work on multiple pages and multiple books when I am in the journal state of mind.    Pretty much every supply under the sun is fair game, too.   I often use my journal to use up colors or supplies I hadn't tried in awhile.  It's a virtual playground, where ideas ebb and flow.  I do feel guilty sometimes if I indulge too much in playtime.  I have to admit, days off or playtime in general are few and far between for me lately.  I think if you push yourself too far, and place too many unrealistic expectations on yourself in any area of your life,  burn out is inevitable.  Taking time off to do something a bit different than your new routine can be that break you need so that you don't crash and burn.
 So yes, when I can't escape to the tropics, or take a full day off from the journaling is a little vacation for my mind and my regular day to day tasks.  

I'm grateful for having this outlet to 'think out loud' with, and breathe in and out a bit more slowly.

What do you do to escape from your everyday life or tasks when a vacation is not an option??  I'd love to hear what type of  tools you use to cope and take a break with!

Artfully yours,



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Nikkisinay said...

I love my art journal but don't take it out enough. This post inspired me though! Love the idea of using it while working. Good one! I go on mental adventures with audio books. My hands may be folding laundry, but my head is off pirating ;) Any port in a storm!

Tracy F. said...

Great blog post, Jodi! I'm going to share it with my art friends! :)
PS - I still want you to come back and teach in Nashville!