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Thursday, January 01, 2015

My Favorite 2014 Journal Pages A Flip Through

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite pages from 2014 out of my journal (s) but when I started to compile my list, oh my goodness...I have a hard time editing anything so I figured why not make a short video featuring some of the pages.

It's always interesting looking back through some of your pages. You start to remember pieces of your life you might not have remembered had they not been documented.

Or you might say, what the hell was I thinking?? 

I have to admit, I am inconsistent when it comes to journaling but I'm glad I do it and will be doing much more of it in 2015, especially since I'm updating my journaling class and will be featuring a new one online.
I've found I try things I don't normally do in my regular paintings...

And it serves as a space to let go and just vent or lament every once in a while.

Take a peek at some of my fav's from the last year. If you haven't picked up your journal in a while (or ever),  today's a good day to start.  

New beginnings.  

I thought I'd write a New Year's post what my intentions are for the next 12 months but honestly, my eyes and back are tired from being at the computer for the last several days working on a project  & fixing a catastrophic computer that post is going to have to wait a bit so I can focus a bit better.
I hope your first day of the New Year has been a grand one!  I'm excited for all the possibilities and can't wait to move forward.

Here's to all of us shining on our best selves in 2015.  Make every day count!


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marilynn rask said...

can't wait until your new journal class yes yes

marilynn rask said...

yes I want to take your new journaling class

Lacey Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your journal with us!!!!!