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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2014 Favorite Art Supplies and More!

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Over the last few days I've shared some favorites of mine from 2014. It's been so fun to look back and reminisce through art and my photos!  I hope you've enjoyed the view from my lens :)

Today I 'pinned' some of my favorite products that I use quite religiously and love. I love so many products that it was hard to share but these are some the regular art supplies that I used in a lot of my classes and in my own art.    I may even show you a few pieces so you can see how I've used them.

1.   Gelli Plates-what can I say, they are fun, addictive and can be used in so many ways. I had this piece featured in Joan Bess's new book Gelli Plate Printing without a Press.  All of the flowers and reddish pieces around this muse's head are all Gelli Plate Prints. Super cool?!  (painting available)

2.  Stabilo Marks All Pencil in Black (love white and graphite, too).  If you buy this product, I suggest getting 2 or 6 of  as they will become a favorite tool to use. Watersoluble, will write on virtually everything, and easy to draw and shade with. Drawback, the leads are soft especially in the colored pencils so they do break easily or at least I break them easily.    Here's a piece where you can see the dark marks that I drew with the black Stabilo pencil.  It's also a favorite abstract piece of mine and it started off as just a practice piece.   You never know when "play" is going to become serious bizness!
3.Neutral colors of Twinkling H20s--I love all the colors offered in the "Twinks" line but I really love the fact that they come in neutral shades for face painting.  Not to say you can't mix your own shades for portraits, but it's so nice to have these perfect shades of browns and neutrals already to roll.  These are colors that are hard to find in watercolors as well.   They also offer a second set with slightly darker shades of browns/neutrals.  I used the browns and the pinks in this lovely ladies face which was one of my samples for a watercolor portrait class last year.  (Painting available)

4) Golden's High Flow Acrylic Paint-This came out earlier last year and I was fortunate to get 2 sets for Christmas (Merry Christmas to Me 2013..heehee). They are part paint, part ink and although I don't really use them to paint on canvas, I love to paint with them. I use them to fill empty markers,  as inks for my dip pens, and as a primary ingredient in a lot of my grunge paintings.  All the colors are yummy but I especially love the quin gold and magenta.  See....

5) Yupo Paper -I couldn't get these cool effects if it wasn't for my friends over at Yupo creating such awesome substrates for us to paint and draw on.  Yes you can draw on it as's a little tricky but it accepts marker and pencil really well, too.   Here's another Yupo painting I've done (the last two featured were also on Yupo paper).  (avail--mounted on cradled wood)

6) Ampersand Claybord--another great company who's products I love!  I've been using the claybords for my textured pieces along with Silks Acrylics.   The claybord accepts the paint so well but well..I hate to even say this, we manipulate the surface with heat to create amazing textured areas. You can't do the same thing with other surfaces so claybord and me..well I love it!! :))  (sold)
The top is before texturizing the piece and the bottom afterwards. See what I mean...coolio!    (if you'd like to take a class featuring the over HERE.

7)  Fineline Applicators--not just any, this brand is the best.   If you've taken my last couple of classes, you probably already have them as they are fast becoming a staple in my supply arsenal!  I use them in everything lately, great for mark making, great for graffiti writing, detail work and more. (sold)

See all the cool black lines...yep...they were created using the fineline applicators. Yum and fun!

8) Catalyst Polytip Brushes-these are fast becoming my favorite brushes to use. I didn't think I'd like them at first because at first touch, they are really stiff.  But once saturated with paint, they are surprisingly smooth and ultra sturdy. They hold up to a lot of really rough painting sessions. If you like to paint really fast and with a heavy hand, these are great to us. At the same time, they can be rather delicate too. The bristles stay in tact and don't go all wayward or fall out on you. Give them a try! I had a lot of ground to cover or sky to cover this piece and the Catalyst brushes were great to do the veiling of clouds with my paint. (sold)

9.) Dylusions Art Journal (large):  I love love love this journal and have been using it almost (not quite as I draw in other journals)  exclusively for the last year.  The good part is there are tons of pages. That's also the bad part for Sometimes too many pages are intimidating to me and I don't follow through on the journaling process.  This book is great because its extremely well made, the paper is great for journaling, nice and sturdy and it even has a pocket enclosure in the front.  I'll be doing a new journaling class during 2015 and this will be our substrate for it--already decided on that one :))   Check out a few pages from my Art Journal:

10) Silks Acrylics-along with the twinks, I use the Silks quite often in my classes and a variety of projects.  The colors are brilliant glazes. Layer over one another or on paper and you get the sha-zizzle and wowza factor going on.    Here are a couple of piece I used the silks for accents:

And one I used entirely of silks:

Gosh I am leaving out bucket loads of favorite supplies here! I feel bad!! I may have to do one dedicated to just pens, paints, and other goodies!!  What's your favorite supply???  Let's share and maybe discover something new in the New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!  See ya next Year! :))  


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