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Monday, February 17, 2014

Evolution of a Painting..

For those of you who follow me on facebook.....I have  habit of checking in and snapping pics of my work in progress. Today I wanted to share a few pics from this week and show you an evolution of one of my latest works.  All pics were taken in my studio at night so not the best lighting but you can see how the morphing of a piece takes a lot of layers, a lot of bravery and sometimes even a few mis-steps.

Sometimes you just keep on working until your heart tells you you are done. I see things I could improve sure. Always. That's the beauty of art, you never truly stop learning or improving oneself. One piece, one project, one brush stroke at a's a journey.

Take a look:

And a still of my finished piece (which I will have for sale soon...once the final varnish dries and I can get a good picture of it not in my crazy hot mess of a studio:))


Dee Spillane said...

Amazing the process and results. Such a wonderful piece. I never would have guessed the start!

Unknown said...

I loved it at many of your stages, however, the end result is amazing!

cincat said...

Love the process of your amazing work! =)

Sheila said...