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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

How to Draw Lip Digitally!

I've been thinking about doing some new things lately, you know how it is in the New Year...your mind races with all sorts of amazing ideas and your spirit is renewed with the energy driven by possibilities....well a couple months ago I bought a new drawing tablet with the idea of working on some stencils for a company...and I did do some designs but nothing was coming to me that we could use for a set.  I'm still chewing on it. I think I have stencil block for some reason.

While chewing on ideas, I started playing around with photoshop, doing some designs..but I had more ideas just not the time to make them happen until, well, the New Year appeared and all of a sudden I decided to turn a new leaf and just do what had been on my mind.

One of the ideas is to share more tutorials here on the blog, hopefully weekly in some way, shape or form.  I still have some of my reactionary ways hovering inside of me...I'm trying to move to a more proactive self but that's still a work in progress. By that, I mean, I'm not ready to say that we are going to have a Tutorial Tuesday here and I already have a years worth of tutey's planned...but I did pencil in some ideas into my trusty new planner...and today is the first of them.

Here is a short tutorial on drawing lips digitally using the program Sketchbook Pro.  I am VERY new to I've had it about 2 weeks and used it about 4 times, so while I don't know everything about it, I have pressed a bazillion buttons and know basically how it works. 
The cool thing is I can see potential for new classes and also simply a great way to practice drawing and design.
Maybe once I just let go and try new things, my original purpose for the program (to design stencils) will flow more easily.

All right, here ya go...hope you enjoy!

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 Till we meet again! 



Tori Burgess said...

Fun video. Gives me good tips for painting them.

deborahdesigns said...

That was amazing Jodi!

Ginny Markley said...

Thanks Jodi for the great tutorial. I don't have a tablet but find this is very helpful for how to draw lips using pencil and paper.