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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art Everyday Month Project 11 "There is No Map"

I took part of the day off yesterday to go and play with little man which I don't get to do often enough. The kids of course had a day off for Veteran's Day and he wanted to go to the mall to get some new sneakers.  What is it with boys and their sneakers?  Oh my.  He's addicted.
We even started doing a little Christmas shopping which felt good to do. My normal MO is to wait to the last minute and be totally stressed out about it.  
Doing things at the wire of any deadline seems to be my MO for a lot of things! Funny how your personality traits trickle down to more than one part of your life.

It's not that I sit around either doing nothing. If there is free time in my schedule, I seem to fill it with more things. Then what happens, I start to scramble when I realize I've over committed. Time to change. How do you change?  What do you let go of when you want to do it all and feel like you need to do it all?

Today's Art Everyday Month (or yesterdays rather) is a journal page I'm calling:

"There Is No Map.....Only Signs"
 It may seem like there is a life map out there, but there's not.  No instruction book written expressly for you. Oh sure there are plenty of people, books, articles, shows and so on that will tell you what to do and when, but they don't know YOU and your situation. Your whys, your obstacles, challenges, opportunities, blessings and curses.
Only you know all that and sometimes not even you can see the big picture.
 So what do you do when you are at a crossroads, a fork in the road?
The only thing I know to do is:

Trust the signs.  It's simple enough but hard to do.  Sometimes discerning the signs is not easy.

I look for them all the time to guide me.
 Sometimes I follow them, sometimes I fight them with every last ounce of strength I have.
I do believe we get better at recognizing the right and wrong way to go as we get older but it still can be a murky highway at times.
So as you are swimming out of the murky waters and searching for the dry ground,  listen to your heart, it will more than not show you the way.

Okay so I'm off to the races....lots of great fun things in the air that need to be juggled one at a time back out into the world. I'm outta here to go and bring some colorful goodness out into the world!

Artfully Yours,



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