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Monday, November 11, 2013

AEDM Projects 7-10 A weekend of Art at The Art of the Carolinas

Some of the paints I showcased,  Soho Acrylics, Soho Watercolors, and Matisse Paints

 Let me start out by saying Happy Veteran's Day to all
the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting
our country and our freedom not just here, but around the world.  To you, we salute  and are forever thankful to  you and your families. 

You may have wondered where in the world I have been after posting several days in a row...I just disappear.  She's slacking off again  you might have been saying.
Well I was really slacking off but I did disappear into a little (okay big) oasis of artistic goodies and creativeness at a local trade show called, "The Art of the Carolina's" which is sponsored by Jerry's Artarama.
I was lucky enough to be asked back to demonstrate my art using paints that you can purchase at Jerry's (Soho Watercolors, Acrylics, and Matisse paints) for the three days of the trade show over at the North Raleigh Hilton.
For any budding or professional artist, this trade show is like being in a HUGE candy store!!
One of the artists across from me demonstrating some classical art using Charvin Pant
On hand are several artists who use the products displayed and who are giving free demonstrations with those products,  owners of some of the paint and art supply companies (in the back you see on of the owners of Charvin paints who is from France where a sweater over his shirt), and insightful sales reps who can tell you anything you want to know about their products, what's new, what to use for your projects, what not to do with it, and how to use their supplies.
Often the vendors also have their newest products that are just out on the market that you get to see and purchase first hand.
This is my third year demonstrating and I always have a lot of fun talking to everyone, meeting all the folks that are shopping and getting to know the vendors who make or sell the products that I've come to love!
I have to say, it can even be a little intimidating.  I was right nearby 3 or 4 artists who are all way more experienced than me doing their demonstrations, classically trained,  have books out, tv shows, dvds, corporate commissions, and then there was me. Totally different.  Freestyle and kooky colored pieces.
The comment of the event from customers was "Wow, it looks like you are having fun" and then I'd proceed to say of course! Art should be fun!  ...and then go into discussing the products and processes I use.

An Abstract of mine using Soho Acrylics

Despite initial intimidation,  I just settled into a groove and showcased a variety of work that I do, from abstracts to funky houses, to portraits, and expressionistic sort of pieces...watercolors, acrylics, drawing material, stencils, finger painting...doing it all over the 3 days.
At some point maybe it even came to me while I was driving home, I realized that while I was different than the others..there's room for all types of artists in this world because I'm obviously making it (maybe not a millionaire or even a but I'm paying the light bill and a few other things ;) with my art, and I have nothing to be ashamed about just because I didn't go to school for this.
I just have perseverance and a good work ethic, desire, motivation and maybe a touch of crazy to pursue what I'm doing despite the odds.

It helps to love color and be willing to
explore what you can do in a variety of different ways.  I work without fear of making a mistake when I'm actually working.  I say that because I'm not fearless in this pursuit. I worry all the time about whether I'm good enough, whether or not I will have enough ideas to keep this going, whether or not I'm going to keep up the pace...and more.  But when I'm painting and in the studio, I don't let fear take over. I just go with my gut and have fun. That's the secret.  Just doing things...anything and let the flow come to you. The more you do something, the easier it is to create without fear.

This weekend was super busy, crazy busy! In addition to purchasing art supplies at a great price,  you could also take a variety of classes in their workshop area.   I saw people from all over the US that came to immerse themselves in the creative spirit for the 4 days.  Before or after classes the students would shopped till they dropped ( a load of While they shopped, all the demo artists such as myself to showcase some of the products they could purchase and see the products in action.
I love coming up with unusual color combinations that just explode on the that's what I did here in another one of my "Pods and Portals" collection I'm working on.

None of my pieces are quite done but I did manage to get pretty far on all of them.

Of course I had to showcase one of my funky villages which I love love love creating.
There are so many layers underneath this work, its hard to believe the way it
morphed into this quaint little community.

Finishing touches included some shading and writing which
enhances the painting and brings out some of the background designs.

Still some finishing touches to go but I love how it turned out and was a favorite among the people that stopped by my table.

More fun abstract work....

A portrait of mine in progress
Late Saturday afternoon I started one other of my funky portraits. Not having a reference photo to work with as challenging but the more I experimented and just kept building up the values and colors, the more I could see the face start to take shape.
I probably worked on this for 4 or 5 hours and still have some details to go...

It's fun though to see how you can create something out of nothing. Never fear the blank canvas. You can make your own magic happen.

My last painting of the weekend was this abstract which the colors were inspired by a journal page. In this piece I used some Matisse colors (love me some Australian Sienna and Yellow Green), along with drawing materials, stencils of mine and scrapes into the paint using Catalyst wedges/blades.
I definitely have more to do on this, but again, it always amazes me that even without having a direction in mind, the moment you commit to putting the first brush stroke out on the canvas, you have something. Then you put the next stroke on the canvas and you see it developing. If you keep going, solving problems along the way, you have the start if not the finish of something you created with your own two hands. I just love that feeling.  Seeing something you create, well you dont' have to go to school to revel in that joy.
You just need to be brave and do it.

So that's where I've been the last few days...just playing away in front a bazillion people. Most of whom are far more experience than I.
Does that really matter?
You be the judge.
It's never too late  to learn.
There's always more than one way to do something.
There's always going to be someone better than you.
Don't let comparisons stop you from adding beautiful work into the world.
I'm going to keep that in mind for myself in those moments of doubt.
I got this and so do you.

Artfully Yours,

Jodi Ohl


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Anonymous said...

That sounded like sooo much fun!!! I like your down to earth personality and what you said about comparing. I have to satisfy me in my creativity...I have to like what I do...and it's true there is a place for everyone as what we do is ours.Also I love love your painting of faces ...they are so awesome!
Thanks for sharing your experience ....I feel like I experienced it a bit too!

denthe said...

Very well said! Love your colourful work .....