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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Starts Tomorrow!!

Hey Friends!  I've been a busy girl this week with tons of artsy goodness flying around my studio, and tons to share in the upcoming weeks. One of my biggest projects of the week has been buttoning up the last little tidbits for the launch of my new class, "Texturize This" !   While it starts tomorrow (and I hope you DO join in), it is an open ended class. After the initial launch where you will get new lessons each week for 4 weeks, you will have unlimited access to the class for the next 12 months.

PLUS...a HUGE bonus:  A 30.00 coupon off of your next product purchase at Dreaming Color to assist in buying supplies for the class!! A big whooohoo for that!!

Take a look and see what we will be doing:
(click the image to see a sampler video)

You can register over at the Arte Village and once registered you will have access to the supply list.  With your registration you should immediately get a coupon code which you can use over at the website to get started!  Then tomorrow, (November 1st) most likely in the early morning, you will have access to the first lessons !   EZ Peezy:))
Hope to see you there!!

Artfully Yours,


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