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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Art Everyday Month Project 6: Simple Things

Look's Friday Eve!
..a little nod to one of my dear friends who I worked with long ago.He would be so giddy like a little kid when Thursday hit with one day left away before we were done with work for the week. It wouldn't be long before we were ready to play for the weekend back home with our friends and family.
That excitement about life is something that shouldn't be wasted.
There are so many things we should do,  have to do, need to do...but how many times do we set the want to dos aside for work work work?  Before you know it time slips away and 2 or 3  months have gone by and you can hardly believe you haven't made one single hour for your bff that lives 5 minutes away. 
Simple things NEED to fill your life.
Making time for fun, family and friends are what its' all about.
We over complicate life and fill it with more more more more things until we are pulling our hair out and not making time for other great things that are also important.

The zest for life will return when we stop for  moment and take time to breathe and truly Be Present.

It's hard to do. I get it. I am guilty as charged.
I guess it comes down to Trust...trusting that if we let go, unplug, unwind, let loose, and play...the biggest opportunity of our life will still be waiting for us when we get back.
Or trust that the work will get done. 
Probably faster because a break has been taken.

Changing our ways is not easy.
It does require patience and forgiveness.  Forgiving ourselves
because we are not perfect.
Patience that not everything happens exactly when you want it to, no matter how hard you snap your fingers.
Patience that good things will happen and you CAN take time
off, even an hour and laugh with your friends and family.

I look back and thing about how different life is since the days of looking forward to "Friday Eve" and the weekend for that matter.  The days blend in now, but I do want that excitement to be in my life never the less. 
There is a lot to be grateful for.  I never want to forget that it takes a village to make things happen. There are so many connections and moments that HAD to occur for this to happen, for that to happen...and it is all lost with out the gratitude.

Today's journal page is not overly complicated. It's simple and pays homage to some simple things we sometimes forget or take for granted as the movie trailer  of life is spinning in fast forward motion. So fast we forget to watch and enjoy it.

What is your vision of "The Good Life"?

How complicated is it?

Or is it really rather simple to achieve?

I've come to realize that the forward motion of life is so intertwined with many moving parts. One thing leads to the next, to the next, to the next.   You can't have one thing with out the other.
But it's all lost when you can't stop long enough to laugh a bit or say a little prayer of gratitude.

Yesterday I was contemplating my romantic life and lamenting some things I have yet to truly feel again, today I'm looking at my life as a whole and seeing where it is I want to go and what are some things I need to follow as I reach out and follow the 'yellow brick road'.

Journaling is a great way to take that pause and just reflect.

So glad I took a moment in a rather busy day to get unbusy.

Page 2..."The Good Egg"

I just finished up a couple of details on this page.

I loved the colors, but I also loved a couple of things I wrote in it a while back.
"I want not just to Survive, I Want to Live"
Dream Big.

Have fun on this day before the day before the weekend.

Enjoy life and don't say no to spending a little time with someone you love or to do something that gives you joy. Life is too short.

Artfully yours,



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Jo Anne O. said...

Well said, Jodi. I have had a horrendous day today and your optimism and joy of life just lifted my spirits, thank you.

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

I've been really down in the dumps, but I felt a real shift today. Maybe there's some astrological event that I don't know about? Your post is great!

Jean said...

Wonderful words of wisdom!!