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Thursday, November 14, 2013

AEDM Project 14 Class Samples!

I almost forgot to post my AEDM blog today...I didn't really make anything specifically for the blog because I've been super busy working on my class materials for this weeks lesson of "Texturize This" online course.   Oh my, so many fun techniques, amazing color combinations and a 'room' full of inspiring students in this class.

Since I am teaching this class, I can't really go into lesson details, but let me show you some of the goodness as a sneak peek...and hope that maybe you can join us!  It's not too late!
Color, Texture...

 Lush details and layers....
 Just plain' ole fun.  

Come join us!:))) will get a 30.00 coupon for some of the supplies available on the Dreaming Color store for my class.


Lou Belcher said...

It's a great class..... I'm loving it.


Seth said...

Beautiful textures!