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Friday, November 15, 2013

AEDM project 15 Closure

 The act of opening yourself up for better or worse can be scary,can't it?
Would you love me for who I am?
...if you knew I like to wear socks to bed.
I sleep with the tv on.
 I can be messy at times.
Quiet and reserved on occasion, the life of the party on others.
My studio is messy, but full and active.
My hair is graying but am very grateful for Miss Clairol.

 I don't always have a rhyme or reason why I do something. I can drive people nuts with that type of attitude.  I find it hard to let go, so I practice it in my art.
It's my own form of closure, often silent and even at times painful.
To be not afraid of covering things up and moving on.
I know there are a lot of layers, years have gone by since I've admitted many things, ignored other things, and made peace with still more areas of my life.
To peel back or to add on and move on?

What is ordinary anyway?

My mind wanders when I paint for the good or the bad, if you could walk a mile in my shoes (or brain) we might have a movie of the

So whether you love me for who I am, or least I am getting better at moving on in life to something better than it was before, step by step, layer by layer.

"Reveal Yourself"

24 x 36 

Mixed media Art


Lou Belcher said...

Wonderful painting... I want to study each part of it up close and personal.... lots of meaningful messages within.



Gigi Black said...

I think your painting is great. There is a lot to think about there and the colors are so cool!

Vickie said...

Beautiful, and thought-provoking. Thank you.

Debbie said...

Such wise words. And some of these thoughts have been mine... the covering up and moving on, the release and recover. Just keep moving...