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Zen Painting Online Workshop

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paint, Play, and a Prize

 Just wanted to send out a quick reminder my newest online class goes live tomorrow!! "Funky Little Cityscapes"  Whooohooo~!    Join in if you want to learn to paint funky houses, quirky buildings, charming flowers and create a painting that pops with loads of color and fun designs!!  If not, we are going to paint the town without you ;)  lol    I've been really looking forward to this class and super duper excited to see what all the students create during the course.  Come on and play with know you want to!

 To Register, click HERE
Some of my city scapes created over the last year:)
You can do this too!

In other news,   I recently did a little video that GASP let you into my studio. It's a frightening thought...I have stuff everywhere, but hey, this is real folks, a neat studio only happens for me when I'm at the end of a series of projects. I clean it all up again and then start fresh. During this video, it ummmm well was not taped during one of those periods of time :

Take a look at it here:

 Okay so that was a picture from before I started working full time. Watch the video to see the path I went down!

If you want to hear a bit about the method behind my madness, be sure to grap a cuppa and listen to my podcast taped the other day with Cara Rae of Icreate Fix.  

That's about it for now kids...momma needs to get back to work and get ready for next week where I'll be at Create in NJ for a few days teaching and vending my art, paint I love, and other cool funky things!  

I have just a few spaces left in a couple of my classes,  be sure to register now to save a spot!


OHH PS...stop over to my Facebook page to join in on my giveaway for a 12 x 12 Funky House (in the colors of your choice) prize to be fulfilled in August.

Prize valued at $75 dollars!
(the painting will be similar to this design)
Giveaway ends July 12th so be sure to enter now!!

1 comment :

GothBarbie said...

I feel fortunate to have had the chance to learn from you at the Create workshop this past weekend! I had so much fun, learned so much and LOVE how my very first art journal turned out under your guidance!! Hope to have the chance to take a class with you again sometime soon!