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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mini City News!

 Well hello my friends! It's been awhile since I've had a chance to update you on some of the creative fun going on in the studio...but believe me, there's been a ton to report on so my absence isn't for a lack of news, rather due to a lack of time!   Today I wanted to share with you something NEW I'm doing, which is a 'sampler' workshop pulled from my full length workshop (Funky Little Cityscapes).  For a reduced cost, you can play along with us and if you decided you want more 'meat and potatoes' you can join in the full class for the remaining portion of the tuition balance. Sound intriguing?  Read on for more information!

Are you looking for a little creative escape?  A place to get away and be fully immersed in loose and fun filled journey?   We have the perfect solution for you!  Jodi Ohl’s Funky Mini City workshop is a sampler  class that will give you the nuts and bolts she uses to create her whimsical village, cities, houses and more in an abridged format from her full length class, “Funky LittleCityscapes”.   The best part of this is that if you like this class and want to move on to the full length version , you can do so  at a reduced cost!  This is the first time she’s ever offered a special like this so be sure to take advantage and come play with other students around the world!

What’s included with your tuition:
7 + videos that work through a 30 x 40 painting.  The painting transition is done in speed play at a comfortable pace so you can start and stop and potentially work along without missing any ‘secrets’.
A PDF which explains the supplies needed for the project.
A PDF that gives a written version of the process.
Access to   Funky Little Cityscapes Facebook group to ask question, post photos and meet other creative types!
Class will remain open through August 26th 2014 minimally for your reference time and time again!
Discount to join in the full length version (only 30.00); regular price $65.00

This class is for you if:
You are looking for a taste of Jodi’s creative style  but aren’t ready to commit to the full length class just yet (because of time or $$)
You have a good basic knowledge of paints, glazes, and other artistic tools and are looking for new ways to use what you have. *if you are brand new to painting we recommend you take the full version of this class.
Can work well independently and not afraid to play with abandon!

How does this class differ from the full length class?
In the full length class there are 23 more videos that really break down the steps in a narrated version rather than speed play video segments.
In the full length class there are also fun assignments to get your creative process going in the funky cityscape style.
There is also a detailed section on supplies we are using and how to use them that will not be included in the short version.
Other questions:
If I join in this mini workshop, and decide to join the full length class, do I get a discount on that class?
YES.  Everyone that joins this mini workshop can take the full version for only 30.00, so you are essentially paying the same price for both classes.  *Note this set of videos is included in the full length class as well.
Will I be able to paint a city scape with just viewing these 7 videos?
 Yes, you will be able to clearly see every step along the way as Jodi paints a large scale painting.    If you use the PDF combined with the video instructions, you will have the tools needed to create your own mini city!
Cost: Only $35
Full version with purchase of this sampler class: $30
*Cost of the full version is $65.00  so you are paying the same amount which ever option you choose.


Thank you for stopping by today!!

I'm heading out again to teach in Chicago at Create! Hope to see some of you there:))

In the next couple weeks stay tuned for more cool things, prizes, events and more!

Be sure to stop by my Etsy shop...I've been LOADING it with NEW work!  (finally, I know, right?!)  I'll be dedicating more time in my schedule to keep  filling it with goodies, so be sure to book mark the shop and keep checking back.

Oh....and while there, be sure to read my shop announcement. **Hint** you may find a special coupon!!

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