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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Cloth Paper Scissors "Create" Issue Giveway! Make that GIVEAWAYS!

It's hard to believe it was about 4 years ago that I had my first article published in Cloth Paper Scissors! Since that time, I now have been published in over 19 various art publications!!  When I look back and see how much my life has changed in those four years, it truly is amazing. So many good things have happened and so many wonderful artists met along the way that have inspired me in this crazy fun filled  journey. As a full time artist now, I have the awesome opportunity to teach several times a year in person at amazing art retreats around the country, and online to students throughout the world. Is it really a job? It's hard work for sure, but it doesn't feel like a job when you do something you are passionate about. In the March/April edition of Cloth Paper Scissors you will find myself along with 12 other Artists and Instructors who will be teaching at the various Create Retreats in Chicago, New Jersey, and California.  All of the teachers are sharing wonderful and  inspiring art and techniques in the issue.

This is another gorgeous issue for sure, not to be missed!

I'll be teaching four classes at both the New Jersey retreat and Chicago along with vending for both.

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of my classes:
 Journal Jam
 Texturize This

Totally ooodily full of fun!
In celebration of this event and to share with you some goodies, I'm going to giveaway a signed copy of this issue and a piece featured in the article, "Creative Blocks"  (a mini lesson on using the Gelli Plate in your art and a project for you to do with some of the papers created).

 How to enter the giveaway? Simply leave a comment and let me know how  you get out of your Creative Blocks if you ever do have one (doesn't everyone?? :)).  For a SECOND entry, please share this post on facebook, your blog or twitter-then come back HERE to let me know you have shared.  Limit of 2 entries per person with the bonus entry :)

*Prize will be drawn on March 10th, 2013

More pieces featured in the issue! You can have so much fun with Gelli Printing!! I swear I could do it everyday!

 In other news, my mini workshop, Behind You is opening March 11th (wow..that is coming Monday already!!) , and I'm offering a early bird sale on this class if you register before March 11th.  Early bird price is 24.00; after March 11th, the class will be offered at 30.00.   If you want to get your toes wet painting a portrait and working on '86 ing' your inner critic, come join us.  NO FEAR!

You know what....let's just do 2 giveaways this week! How would you like a entry into 21 Secrets?  A wonderful jam packed journaling and mixed media  workshop that I'm a contributing instructor in, along with 20 other amazing artists from around the world which opens April 1st! WHOOOHOO that's only a few more weeks away, too!  Again, entry into that contest is ezpeezy, just comment on this post for your entry and for a bonus entry, share on facebook, twitter, pinterest, your blog--where evah!  I'll pick two winners on Sunday,  March 10th, One for the magazine and art, and the other for the 21 Secrets Workshop.

Lots of goodness to share.  Please join in on the fun!
You are never too old to learn, it's never to late to create. Live a life full of color and fun!

Jodi Ohl

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Lynn said...

Hi, Jodi! You know I am a great lover of your work and I love your workshops either in person or online. I get out of my creative block quickly when I do some non-creative task that I don't really want to do, like income taxes or other evil paperwork...LOL! As soon as I start such a task, all I can think about is what I'd be doing if I didn't have to do the dreaded paperwork. I think I'll see you in Chicago!

Saranne Valentine said...

I go to CPS and you tube and I just draw to get through a block! I like to watch video and downloads and follow along doing a project! Thanks for the give away! Your the bestest!

Phyrie said...

I am awaiting delivery of my Gelli plate right now, and can hardly wait to start playing with it!
I am getting really excited about 21 Secrets, too. The FB page is generating a lot of "buzz" about it, and I'm looking forward to all the fun!
Haven't got my issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors yet, but I'm sure it will be great, as always.

Lynn said...

I'm back! This is Lynn Ovenden. I shared your FB picture from CPS. I didn't mention to you that I have the issue and I love your article! Congratulations for being published again!

Diana Caho said...

COOL, I am excited to be a winner. lol. When I find myself in a block, I just take a sheet of watercolor paper, scribble all over, and then start doodling. Got to keep my mind working.

Diana Caho said...

I also shared on Facebook and my blog.

Lisa Jacobs said...

I so want to WIN this! I shared for the bonus entry too :)

Natasha said...

COngratulations on being published and having so many classes on the go. A reflection of how hard you are working and it must feel rewarding to see it come together. When I find myself on a creative block I do something else. Generally I am always a step behind in my laundry so I turn to that, or go for a walk.

Sometimes I am empty so I take a few days and read a book or do something else like knitting or bookbinding. Take a new class, learn a new skill, I have so many things written down that I want to try, so if I am feeling really blocked then I may choose to find out some more about a new technique so I can bring in some new energy.

The joy for me now comes in knowing what works to "unblock you" and give you new energy, and recognising you need to pull a new trick out of your bag.

Natasha said...

I have also shared this on my facebook page here: :)

Lisa said...

Hi Jodi, Thank you for offering this generous giveaway. I love your artwork and the bold, bright, beautiful colors you use. I have been in a creative slump for a looong time and I'm hoping blogs like yours give me the inspiration to get out of my slump soon. I miss paint on my hands.

Gigha Klinkenborg said...

Hi Jodi
I save scraps of everything, and I mean everything. Clothing labes, wine bottle labels, ant bit sof wool and fabric. I just have a dig through my boxes of bits & bobs and remember why I saved them in the first place - this gets me started again on something that usually turns out to be an inspiration streak :-)

Lisa said...

I also shared on fb so I had a second chance at winning this awesome giveaway.

Siri said...

Hi Jodi,
I saw your post in our Build a "Better Creative Business" Facebook Forum and decided to check out your blog. Very cool and inspiring! So to enter the giveaway, I also wanted to comment on how I overcome creative block when working on jewelry for my shop siriousdesign on Etsy.
I find that I get creatively challenged when I'm tired, overwhelmed, and mentally worn out, so I try to stop and schedule something physical outside the studio or house, in a completely different environment. I'll go for a grungy, sweaty workout in the gym, a long walk or hike, visit a coffee shop with a friend, see a movie, or take in an art show at a local museum. My creative juices start flowing again when I get out of my own head and have taken care of myself by being physically active.


Colleen said...

Hi Jodi! I get out of a creative block by checking out your blog! Seriously - sometimes I have to step away from whatever I'm working on and the internet has so much inspiration it would be hard not to start getting new ideas!

Beverley Baird said...

What awesome giveaways! Love your art!
When i am blocked I turn to my favourite artists and use a prompt from their art to help me break free. There is so much inspiration online.

Normajean said...

Thanks for a chance to win. To get out of a creative block I turn to one of my many books or subscriptions to see what others are creating and it helps me get a new perspective.

Normajean said...

yup I shared you on Facebook. :-)

Anonymous said... have been an inspiration to me for a couple of years and I smile every time i see something you have done! You lighten me day!!!And because of you and your work...I have been finding my hidden "artist"

aj said...

I get out of "blocks" by picking up a brush and some color, and covering a page. No thought, no image, no idea, just let the paint flow! I also love to see what others are creating, and try to imagine doing something like their art!

aj said...

My son must have blogger as aj, but this is Jennifer! Posted here above as aj, and shared this on fb! Paint and play on!

Marilou Bain said...

I would love to win the 21 Secrets , count me in!
Hugs Marilou xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi. Congrats on your new article. I saw it at the bookstore but could not afford to buy the issue.
I also use chores to recharge and looking at acrylic books and youtube and facebook friend's work for inspiration. Though chores keep me so busy right now I seem to have a backlog of ideas...

Victoria Burgess

Victoria Burgess said...

I shared your blog on my FB page Jodi. Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to see more of your work between your classes.

Victoria Burgess

Rita said...

Since I have health issues that regularly prevent me from being functional all the time, I don't have the blockage problem because I spend my non-functional time watching videos and planning what I want to do when I feel better. :)

Kelly Lynn said...

I get out of my creative blocks just by sitting at my table and jumping in with gesso and paint. I just start making backgrounds and get messy. The other thing I do is to clean up my space. It seems to help because I see stuff that I want to play with and I think that sometimes clearing the clutter lets my head relax and the creativity will flow.

Kelly Lynn said...

I would also love to win a spot in 21 Secrets! I've been in the last two but haven't registered for this one yet because I'm feeling really broke! I am dying to be a part of it though!!

Melanie said...

I would love to be part of 21 secrets because I'm totaly into the journaling and mixed media. And love to learn more about the techniques others use. And when I have a creative block, I go on the internet look at al the loveley creations others make.
Liefs, Melanie

Prerna Poojara said...

Your work is lovely. And congrats for your success and glad you address sharing the love.

I got over my creative block by starting with making a list of 100 ie 100 thinks i would like to draw paint etc. and finally told myself i shall create 100 bad paintings if need be but crate. So just begin. Once the first step is taken the block melts away.

All the best to every one.
Much love and light being sent your way for more success and happiness., natty the creative block not hit you. And you keep creating wonderful stuff.

Prerna Poojara said...

I tweeted and google +

Mary C. Nasser said...

Thank you for the chance to win!
Your art is so inspiring Jodi!

Jonda Eicher said...

To unblock, I go do something else and not try to force it. It's amazing how inspired to make art I get when I'm doing something I don't want to do like housecleaning!

Nina Originals said...

I either browse Pinterest or spend time with one of my creative friends when I find myself in a creative block. Works every time!

cardinal said...

Hi Jodi! I would LOVE a copy of CPS ...I shared on my twitter mizvangogh, also would love a free 21 secrets your blog

cardinal said...

my second post here.....I sometimes do have a creative block and I think it's a good thing. During those times some of these things help:
-go out with my girlfriends and play
-look on Pinterest
-take a walk with my camera
-go somewhere by myself, take a drive with the sunroof open and listen to beach music
It usually takes a few days before I feel clearheaded enough to get back in the studio
I love your blog and hope to see you soon! I shared on my twitter!

Unknown said...

Creative Blocks--well...I think I just need to force myself to jump in and just create SOMETHING. Even if it is the ugliest thing EVER it at least gets me creating. Congrats on all of your wonderful publication opportunities!

Sarah Martin said...

Creative Blocks--well...I think I just need to force myself to jump in and just create SOMETHING. Even if it is the ugliest thing EVER it at least gets me creating. Congrats on all of your wonderful publication opportunities!

Sarah Martin said...

Second entry-I pinned this bog post! yay!
( sign in was wonky the first time I posted. Above my post on creative blocks, is an unknown...just trash that one. Sorry....)

Judy Applegarth said...

What a wonderful giveaway. I'm just starting an art journal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
Sorry if you are seeing this twice, I don't see my first entry? My problem isn't so much a creative block as it is finding a block of time to create! I find surfing pinterest, the web, artists' websites found in art magazines and going to art supply stores gets me very pumped up to create. All those supplies just waiting to be purchased and brought home to play with. I just wish I had more time to create! I will have lots of time when I take your classes at the Chicago Create Retreat! Yeah....can't wait. heidi

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
I love art; computers and technology...not so much. Within my last entry, I noticed there is no way to reach me if I win? Please see my website, my email is posted there! Thanks for offering such a great give-a-way. Heidi

Donna said...

Hi Jodi~I don't have too many creative blocks but when I do, a good art magazine always snaps me out of it!

I read your inspirational Cloth Paper Scissors article. I don't have a Gelli plate but I have been wanting one! When I get it, I'll definitely refer to your article.

Have a fabulous day.

Rebecca said...

Lot's of goodness indeed! :) Maybe I can make into the New Jersey class? I'll go check it out now!

Kelley said...

When I get blocked, I start to tidy my area. Sorting and sifting through my stuff always gives me a new idea! I'd love to win either of these prizes-thanks for offering!!

Shine on!

Stamp Addict Jennifer said...

When I get blocked creatively I usually go to facebook and check out my favorite artist recent posts and blogposts to get inspired!

Sharing this article on my facebook page and on my store "The Stamp Addict" page too!

Hi I'm Laurie... said...

Thanks for all the inspiration! Can't wait to get my gelli and go crazy!

Lanie said...

Would love that class and would love that book. I am starting to get into art journaling right now. LOVE it! lanieintx at comcast dot net

Caryn said...

Hi, When I have a painting block I make something different. Either sewing, crochet or baking.

Erin Fish said...

Thank you for this generous giveaway. I am already registered for 21 Secrets and can hardly wait.