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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Wowza...I'm just totally blown away at the response to my last post and giveaway! Thank you all for joining in on the fun and for ALSO sharing some of your great tips on how to overcome your creative block. We could really make a post just on all of your thoughts. Definitely worth a read to go back and see all the ideas shared in the comments!
Art is about sharing.

Thank you all again for giving a little piece of yourself so that others may be inspired, overcome, thrive...find joy in what comes from their own hands and hearts.

Would you like to know who won the contest?  Sorry about the delay, I was supposed to pick the winner on Sunday then post on Monday...and then I started (or restarted) my taxes and 7 hours later I came up for air, did some class work for my class that just opened and before I knew it...the bachelor was on..LOL AKA time to let it all go and relax. know you that I'm not good at keeping a tight schedule. Something I'm trying to improve upon.
Actually I'm not bad, what I tend to do though is pack more on my list every day, every week then any two or three humans could really do and that is something that doesn't help the creativity, stress or commitments.  I hope to change.  No, hope isn't a strategy, although it is a place to start...I will change!

(some of my Spring collection at NoFo at the Pig in Raleigh NC, show is up through March)

Let's get back to the winners of this contest. First up , I offered a signed copy of Cloth Paper Scissors and one of the pieces of art included in the article I wrote, "Creative Blocks".

That winner is Lanie!
Lanie wrote:  "Would love that class and would love that book. I am starting to get into art journaling right now. LOVE it!"
Congratulations Lanie!  
Along with finishing up work on my 21 Secrets Class  This week, I had an opportunity to join in the Double Takes show again this year at a local gallery in Southern Pines, NC (Eye Candy Gallery). 
The above piece is my show submission (30x30  "Daisy in Motion"). The theme of the show is for a photographer to capture a photo that they want to represent their work and then an artist do a rendition of that photo in their medium. My photo is a bit more abstract then the photo but I think the two will compliment each other well.  If you are in the area, stop by the gallery after March 19th to see all the featured artists and photographers.  Incredible work by local, NC artists.
So yes, I had Double Takes to work on, 21 Secrets,   a demo up in Raleigh for the Christian Academy (so much fun, it was great sparking the minds of eager young art students) on my class that just opened Behind You on Monday...

and more work creating pieces for my trip to the Outer Banks next week to refill some of the galleries I'm in pre-Spring. 
Crazy crazy. Hard to imagine with a full schedule as I've had lately how one could go through a creative block...but I do, just like everyone else.  

A lot of times when I really soul search, if I'm blocked, it's because I'm tired, stressed, or otherwise placing demands on myself that remove the fun out of creating.

Joining and participating in 21 Secrets, a HUGE class of assorted techniques around journaling, painting, playing, writing, book making and more could be what the dr. ordered.
Doing something like visual art journaling is a great way to just release and play in a way that doesn't have expectations (other than the ones we place on ourselves),  and it is a great way to document your creative and personal journey, test out techniques and tools...and just plain escape.

The winner of the 21 Secrets is a totally cool art chica I've had the pleasure of working with in another class of mine ,  congratulations to Victoria  (Tori) Burgess!
If you haven't had a chance to join, it is really one of the biggest bargains out there for online classes right now.  21 Artists, each with a lesson of their own (approx 1-2 hours each) and the cost of the class is under 60.00.  So, for less then 3.00 per lesson, you can be inspired in ways you may have never imagined!  And if you've seen a technique before, take a chance on reviewing how the instructor showcases their take on the tutorial/lesson.  You may find a new product, a new way to do it, or just be re-inspired to try that 'thing' you've tucked away for awhile now.

For more information on the class, please click and sign up through my LINK HERE.  
(Disclosure:  teachers get paid through affiliate sales of their classes so I do appreciate you signing up through my link  xoxo)
Until we meet again,  life is part actively engaging and part observing.  Make time for both. Get Messy. Play.  Listen and repeat :)


1 comment :

Victoria Burgess said...

Oh Jodi, what a fantastic surprise! Thank you so much! And for the compliment too. (blush)

I woke up in pain today, wondering when I got this old... And had a frustrating painting day yesterday too. So, seeing this absolutely made my day! :). Thank you, thank you, thank you.