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Monday, December 26, 2011

With Gratitude.....Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and it was full of family, friends, laughter and love.  I will be back to my regularly scheduled morning after challenge tomorrow....I decided to take a few days off to really be there for my family and enjoy the time we had is my love too...but now that it is my full time profession, I need to draw the line  more than I did before so I still make time for everyone. :)
In the mail Christmas Eve was my  contributors copy of the Jan/Feb issue of Cloth Paper Scissors...and I am soooo excited and proud of this article. I did a piece that is a shortened version of my new online class, Fearless Faux Encaustic Discovery over at Creative Workshops.  The full class really delves into working with a variety of gel mediums to create a layered look that mimics encaustic painting without the expense of all the supplies.  I hope if  you get this copy of CPS you enjoy my work!

This week was so much fun cooking in my kitchen with my lil man who really helped me make all of the dishes for the holidays that we enjoyed with our family and friends......there is not much better in life than to  be  around those you love and create together whether its in the kitchen,  in the art room, or  just making memories of any sort :)
My kids are comedians in case you didn't know...they have the best personality and are quite hams when it comes to picture taking. I bought them crazy shirts as a joke and they were totally game at posing and taking pictures...even wearing them for our Christmas Eve party!  I had all I could do to not crack up uncontrollably while taking these pictures :)
Years from now we will look back at these pictures and just smile and laugh from the memories.  Isn't what life is all about?  Creating memories big and small?  I feel so blessed in more ways then I can even say :)
For Christmas Eve I carried on a tradition my Mother started by having a party for friends and family.  Since moving to NC I have been doing the same as she did but on a much smaller scale,  this year I had the biggest party ever with my girls from my old work, and my wonderful art chica bff's and their families.  My small house was full of laughter, good food, and great fun.   

The Karoake machine was a big hit and we all laughed at the silly performances everyone took turns doing.  I have to say that  I sound a lot better in the shower...LOL.   Maybe it was stage fright??  All I know is that I love being around my  friends and family, they make me smile on the inside and out.   We all know how to laugh, laugh at jokes, laugh with eachother, and laugh at the silly things we all do ourselves. Believe me, they all are quick to call me out on my quirky ways and my funny behaviors that you just have to understand how I am and decide to love me anyway despite it all :)

Of course the next day, Christmas was chaotic and fun and full of laughter and silliness and good look like a train wreck in here but in a good way. I love the fact that my boys put on a production with every gift...and the faces and poses the kids make when opening each present just tickles me. I get such a big kick out of it!

The rest of the day was spent  playing with the toys and games, enjoying company and just reveling in the gratitude we all felt for be blessed as we are.   I'm not sure how we can top 2011 but I know each year will be better and better.  Why? I  have a feeling that life will become even more full than it already is as I can feel it in my heart. Once you you follow your heart and go down the path you are supposed to be on, and give thanks every day for the blessings you have....your life becomes even more enriched. Its not just about working and having things, it's about enjoy the people in your life and working to live....
I leave you with a wish for a wonderful week leading up to the New Year..may your life be full and enriched because of  the tiny moments and memories you have  with those you love.  

With love and gratitude,
Jodi Ohl

**Stay tuned for the return of my "Morning After Challenge"  tomorrow :)

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Tess said...

Jodi, Your holiday post is full of love. I too am sure that great things are ahead for you and yours. Merry Christmas Dear Lady and do have a Blessed and Happy New Year,
Teresa aka Tess