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Monday, December 26, 2011

SALE!!!! Online ART classes for only $20.12!!

If you only knew how happy I would be dancing with me....there are so many good things going on right now that I wish I could share with you but I haven't received all the confirmations yet....however, I wish nothing more than to share my creative muse with you in hope that it can catch you and ignite the happiness that comes when you find your creative voice, too.  It changed my life in more ways than I can even share. 
In honor of my wish, I want to offer a DEEP discount on 3 of my classes from now until the New unprecedented sale to end all sales, it will not go lower than this I can assure you, so if you've been on the fence, now is the time to sign up!  

These three workshops: Artistic Journaling Your Way;  Let's Face It, and Fun with Faux Encaustics regular price are $45.00;  so from NOW through 1/1/2012 they are going to be  ONLY!! $20.12  
Simply click on the WORKSHOP portion of the Creative Workshop page and you will see all the classes offered and you'll see each of the classes of mine (excluding my newest class, Fearless Faux Encaustic workshop). 

I just received a new laptop for Christmas, a new video editing program and new photoshop I am all set to get busy again developing new classes for YOU. I already have 5 in the works between my LIFEBOOK (which is starting in just a few days!!!!whooooohoooo I can't wait to play ) appearances and my 2 classes this summer for Artful Gathering...and more in the works for Creative Workshops.   Oh my goodness, life is full, life is grand, and I wake up with a smile on my face every day. 
What are you waiting for??  Come join along!

xoxo Jodi


i spy with my crafty eyes said...

Yay, Merry Christmas to you! Sounds like you have a lot of awesome toys to play with. What a great deal on your classes!

pinkglitterfae said...

Jodi this is an offer I can't refuse, lol!
Congrats on all the goodies Santa left you. I am looking forward to seeing what new classes you come up with. Glad to hear about all the exciting things in your life, you deserve them!