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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 8 Morning After Challenge....Love Happens

"It's not easy to let"

Hello my friends and Happy Wednesday to you!
Thank you for sticking with me and allowing me the creative freedom to take a few days off from my daily posting challenge of my journal pages/illustrations. I sometimes bite off more than I can chew but who doesn't every here and there.  No sense in beating yourself up over it!
It's been an exciting week in a lot of different ways.  Coming down from the holiday high, I've been trying to get my house back in order and the studio as well. I have a lot of different projects going on in my space so it is VERY full of creative goodness.   My journaling illustrations have become a welcome part of my daily routine and I really feel there's a lot to be said about developing great habits whether in art or regular life.
"To Trust and Love Someone...."

but once you start, you truly start and get into a routine, life becomes simpler because you know what you need to do and do it without thinking about it or over thinking it.  I've made a decision to continue this as long as I can but no less then 30 days....and who knows where it will go from there....

"...Fully And Completely....but when you do...."
It's been 3whole months since I left my day job...I can hardly believe that much time has past!  Every single month and most every day has been different and exciting and new...and I wake up with a smile on my face looking forward to what i have to do.  Sure it's been stressful at time when there is a lot going on to get prepared for, whether it was classes, shows, commissions, articles...but this is what I want...this is what I desire and I hope that if you dream of doing something like this...something for yourself and your future, you make it happen. Just don't dream it!!  
In my day to day life when its a regular day, I am still formulating my work schedule. I have to listen to my head and heart as far as what I'm inclined to do best and when that time is. For instance, I am a morning person in a lot of respects but for so many years I've been engrained to do book work, planning, conference calls and meetings in the morning...I almost feel like I'm playing around if I go into the studio too early.  
So, I am now listening to my head and I do my marketing, writing, planning, book work, emails, and journaling in the morning.  
Next I take a break, shower, clean the house a bit, run errands...and then I take my studio time in the afternoon until it's time to make dinner.
"Life Will Bloom True..."
...and if I'm lucky I can head back into the studio after dinner for a bit. I'm truly a painter who loves to paint in the evening....I do my best work after dark when it's quiet and I can works for me.
Whether you create full time or for a hobby, you just have to listen to yourself and understand when you are best equipped to do what you do best and when you can do those things. None of us are wired the exact same way.  The most important thing is to just do it.....I've had a lot of questions from my beloved fans and customers on how to get started with their creative business, and I'm thinking about writing some articles on what it's been like for me but I'm not an expert, I'm not the best out there....but I know that I am better than yesterday and but less then tomorrow....every day I learn. Every day I do something to reach towards the dream.  Every day I do.....   and so should you.  Don't over think it.  But do plan.  Don't wait for the best time or the best product or design to come to you.  Don't fear your own success...fear breeds inaction and that's the worst thing to do...nothing at all.

So here we are, developing good habits, improving our skills...reaching out to others, and in turn, learning more about ourselves.  I'm sharing with you a very special page with you today I illustrated yesterday but didn't finish in time to take a picture.  I'm feeling so good lately, it's hard to explain. A lot of things are going right for me now personally and I'm loving the feeling I have inside.  It's new and exciting and well..I hope to share soon what's been brewing.
In the mean happiness comes out in my art..colorful, imaginative, full of possibilities and different yet familiar as I try new things and discover the world all over again each day.
I love my life...I love the people in it more then they will ever know....I hope I show gratitude enough because that's what I feel each and every day.
...yes my friends, love happens when you least expect it to.  It comes in many different forms, in many different ways.  Go out and discover your own love  and fill your world with 
passion and happiness for what you do and who you are with. 
It will make your world bloom true and bloom beautifully.
Till we meet again,
xoxo  Jodi

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Mamacessories said...

I love this page! I also had to say that I took advantage of the special price and enrolled in Art Journaling, Your Way and Lets Face It and just started them and I can tell they will be great! Thank you!

Cricket said...

is this picture a part of one of your classes? I would love to be able to do this!!! Thanks so much!! Love your art!!!

Mel said...

Very beautiful "Bloom True" page. Jodi, what medium do you use to get such vibrant colors? The only other person I've seen get this kind of color saturation is Joanne Sharpe with Peerless watercolors.

Jodi Ohl said...

@mama thank you so much for joining in on my workshops. :) Enjoy!!, I am not teaching this page as a class--this is just for fun :) I will be doing a journaling/doodling class locally at a coffee shop though called, Doodlicious: Flower Power @Mel-thank you very much....Joanne is the bomb, love her and her work. I did have a set of peerless which i bought from Joanne but this page I used a sampler set of Daniel Smith watercolors, and a couple of the twinkling h20s. My peerless are all used up :(((