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Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 5 Interupted for a bit of Serendipity

 WELL phooey patootie. I didn't finish my journal page in time to take a decent picture of it...DANG!  I did do one, but I had to put it on the back burner so I could finish this lovey dovey newest painting, a commission piece I'm naming "Serendipity".....I had some very serendipitous moments lately so I thought that was quite fitting. I love it......and have a couple more companion pieces I'm working on for a new collection as I truly am enthralled with this color combination.
 Do you have a color combination that floats your boat? That makes your heart go pitter patter?  I love really is my world. :)
 So you see, I really was productive today. I only pulled out my NEW Karoake machine and took a singing break for 1/2 hour. HAHA.  gooooo Adele.....I will give you a run for your money sweetie.  NOT. :)   My throat is killing me from belting out her tunes.  Okay maybe not belting...mine were more more like screams and not quite as sultry as hers ;)
 AND....AND...I listed a bunch of NEW abstracts today in my Etsy shoppe....a big shop update so be sure to stop over and check them all out. I am loving this non representational look, almost tribal in a way.    So fun to play with. AND this is in a much more subtle pallet then I normally use.
 Sometimes...just sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks :)
Ohhhh let's hope you can anyway :)

 Before I forget.....LIFE BOOK is a bout to start!!!!  WhOOOOHOOOO!!  You know all the doodle padoodles I've been doing? I'm going to do a special add on workshop for Tamara in addition to my main one teaching you all about doodling with words and watercolors, some of my tricks of the trade, supplies I use, how I use them, what I've found that works for cool don't delay, sign up today and you will have an entire year of ARTSY GOOODNESS!!

Today's Prompt:
Think outside the box and try a new color palette!  Pick 3 colors and 3 colors only plus black and white. You can mix colors but you can't use any others.  See what you come up with. Does it challenge you in new ways?  Does it help you stay focus?   When you are all done, bring in another color with say chalk  or oil pastels and see how that adds to your piece or your page.  (I did the same thing with the birdie up above..used RED, COBALT TEAL and a RASPBERRY color along with black and white.  Then I brought in an orange pastel at the very very end. The orange tied it all together and really popped.  Love color. Hope you do to. 


Beverley Baird said...

Serendipity is a gorgeous piece! Love the colours especially.
Great pieces you've added to Etsy.
i have already signed up for the Life Book and am so looking forward to it.

Tess said...

Hey There, 2 wonderful happenings for me yesterday. My issue of CPS arrived in the mail and I registered for Life Book. See you there is 2012. It's going to be soo much fun.
Teresa aka Tess