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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 4 Morning After Challenge: Beauty is More Than Meets The Eye

....Good Morning My Loves.....
So here we are on Day 4 of my challenge....and I'm sharing with you an sketch that I had in one of my journals that I forgot about truthfully but happened upon when I was thinking about what to do last night for my page of the day. I decided to tweak it a bit , take the sketch and turn it into a pen and ink painting.  The concept came from a page in a magazine.  While a lot of times, I just make up my portraits, more or less concentrating on the technique rather than the outcome, sometimes I like to look in fashion magazines for inspiration because the models features are so pronounced and unusual at's fun to try to recreate.
That's the thing about beauty of a person. It often is more than what you would assume is traditional beauty. And what is beautiful to one, isn't nearly as striking to another.    
Those that may appear beautiful on the exterior are quite harsh and ugly on the interior.  
.....but the eyes....they tell so much about a persons soul.  They are the windows to someone's heart. They reflect the beauty that resonates on the inside of one and speak volumes even when all else is silent.
there is so much more than meets they eye.....and yet, it has to be the eye that catches one's heart first and foremost before the rest walks away in a rush.
Once you've captured someone's eye, the rest begins to reveal itself.  It's only then you can decide if it's the type of beauty want to bloom into something more.    :)
Today's suggestion: leaf through some magazines.  Find a photo of someone that has eyes that speak to on recreating those eyes in your 'own words' with your own strokes.   My advice is to use a pencil first and foremost, a 2b and maybe a 4 or 6b for darker shading. A blending stump helps tremendously with shading and smoothing out the features.    You can do it!! :)
Have a great Sunday....may your day be filled with moments of great beauty and joy.
xoxo Jodi

1 comment :

April Cole said...

Oh my... this is so beautiful!
What a fantastic way to start the day, you made me smile :]
Thank you for sharing *hugs*