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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 3 Morning After Challenge :To Be Number One

You know what they say....better late then never. I actually truly did finish this page in my journal early this morning but didn't get an opportunity to post this morning as lil man had basketball today. We went out, did a little shopping after the game, had lunch with a friend, and then came home and I totally got distracted. A whole afternoon distracted. :) That's okay, sometimes that's what weekends are about.  A quiet distraction from the every day chaos.

Today, I felt compelled to do a portrait in my altered board book......I'm actually preparing for a class at Jane Powell's shop in Saluda, NC. I'm so excited about that!  Dates have been changed slightly so as soon as I have the final confirmation, I will update you.  Truthfully, the journal though is not going to just be about class experiments.  This page was almost like one of those letters you write in the heat of the moment and let it all out..every raw emotion you are feeling, right there, in black and white on paper. Everything YOU wanted to say but didn't have the courage to.  You feel better after you write it out...healed or at least relieved when you finish writing. And then it gets put away and never sent. It may even get thrown out.  But you feel a lot better.   I wrote two different letters on this page and then covered it all up with white gesso and my girl...and then covered the remaining portion other than a few words/phrases here and there peeking through. I'm calling this piece, Number One.
Shes looking away, she's looking to the future, the off shoulder dress suggests vulnerability but the strong look in her eye reflects strength and determination.  She deserves to be number one....and hopefully will be someday. Not number one in anything tangible, it's not a race, or a game, or a challenge.....just number one to someone else....simple but why is it so dang complicated?  Not number two or an after thought or I'm sorry now that you are gone I made a mistake number two....number one.  plain and simple.
It'll happen.  Someday soon.  
My new little hobby....making paper wreaths :)   This is my 200 dollar craft project.  As it took me about 10 hours to finish and a variety of supplies. Kinda like my 80 dollar tomato plant. :)  Long story. Anyway, lately I've been challenging myself to try out new things and experiment with my supplies.   Beautiful things can come out of items you all ready have.  Speaking of new things....take a look at a new project I've been working on for an upcoming class.......more details coming soon. I have to say I love it :) I think you will too, when you see the whole piece.

I hope you are finding some quiet journal time to play along with my 'Morning After" Challenge in the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle.   If you are stuck on a theme for today, try writing 'that letter' then paint over and draw a portrait representing yourself (whether or not it actually looks like you). I promise you, you will feel a million times better.

Until we meet again, sparkles and sunshine to wash away the rain..


Becca said...

Oh Jodi, this portrait is so beautiful! Love your paper wreaths too! Enjoy the season...Becca :-)

Jacquie Williamson said...

beautiful post jodi. i'm going to have to copy this number one idea, as it exactly reflects some things i'm going through right now. thanks so much for sharing this post. i love the portrait.