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Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 2 Morning After Challenge-Be Patient

Good Morning Friends!
Happy Friday!   It's Day 2 of my "Morning After Challenge" and I completed a large piece for a big book I'm hoping to make  11 x 15.  Basically one of my owl characters doodled up colored in with SOHO watercolors (one of my demos I did at Jerry's Art of the Carolina's recently) .  I have to admit, this piece took longer than I really should have spent on it...but once I got started, I couldn't stop!  If you are stuck for something to do with your pages, try taking a simple illustration and doodling it up.  It's lots of fun!  Tomorrow I'm going to change things up a bit and do a page in another journal that's vastly different then what I've been featuring.  :)  Stay tuned!
I hope you have lots of goodness planned for the weekend, I'm sure it includes at least a little holiday preparation, cooking, cleaning, maybe shopping, if you are lucky perhaps some time out with some family and friends. I know I have all the above planned plus arting of course. I never stop 'arting'  at this point, it's more then just a job, it's an obsession, a passion...something that I want to do almost all the time.    I want to be better and better at what I do.  I think about things to do all the time and often get caught up with having several things going on at once because if I have an idea, I start doing it somewhere or in some fashion.  Maybe it's starting a new painting, or perhaps its writing a few notes down.  Sometimes I'll journal it.   Or if it's something I don't have, I stop what I'm doing and go get supplies for it.  There in lies the problem...starting and stopping stuff.  Not having patience to just wait.  Wait to you are done with something else, wait for a better time.  I need to get away from the I want it now and want it done now mentality. I have come a long way in some respects.  Still others, I have a long way to go.
As I say that, I have learned over the last few months especially that not everything you do equates to instant gratification.  Sometimes it's about putting irons in the fire and letting things percolate.  You have to build your business, build your customer base, but most of all you have to build on your skills.  None of which happens overnight....but you must do it to have sustainable growth in all aspects of your life. Those that rush into things hot and heavy and at a sprinter's speed often crash and burn. I don't want to do that professionally or personally.
Sustainable growth,  patience to build and learn everyday whether or not you can see tangible results right then and there....and remembering that good things happen to those who are patient. I should also say that good things happen when you take time out to breathe. It's very easy to get caught up in the mentality that you must work. all. the. time.  I feel it, believe me.   The pressure is on...but at the same time, I need to get out there and spend time with the kids,  meet up for coffee or lunch with a friend, heck even go out and enjoy an evening on the town here or there. I've been trying to fit in all of those things weekly although the nights on the town are few and far between. I just don't do that much.   I'm glad I did this week, I met some interesting people that I'd love to catch up with again.  I had fun meeting with one of my best friends for lunch.  Josh and I enjoyed a evening watching movies and eating popcorn. Practice yes. Take a break, too....all very necessary. With that said, I'm going to a Christmas party at the shop which represents a large amount of my work and it's going to be great.....even more of my friends will be there this year, more friends because I've made more friends this year and more because several of my local artists friends are now represented by this growing shop in town.   Maybe I'll even meet new friends.....who knows what this break tonight will lead to.  

(featuring a new commission I did for a customer this week:)
If you are interested in a custom order, please email me at!  I love commission pieces :))))  (even though they stress me out!!haha) 
Have a great Friday!! xoxo  Jodi

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