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Monday, December 06, 2010

An Art Hoarder? Or Does She Have Potential??

This weekend I spent the majority of it focusing--really focusing on finishing a few of my pieces that I have going to try to get them done before the holidays. You'd think I'm preparing for a show with all the work I have in my studio right now, I mean it is jam packed full of art and a ton of art supplies that I bought at the Art of the Carolina's a few weeks back.
I fear I'm an art    I swore I would not buy any more supplies for months until I used up a good portion of what I had (which in reality would take me years..haha). And then what did I do?  I found myself at Michael's for their 5 hours sale last night.  I must be stopped.  All I needed to do was to buy some hanging supplies for this piece and the other big pieces I have going and I walked out 90 dollars poorer.
It's addictive.  Supplies for whatever you are into are addictive, aren't they? It might be shoes for one person, clothes for another, fabric or yarn for another.  Mine addiction is for paint, drawing accessories, and other mixed media fun stuff.  I can tell myself I'm just going to buy a couple of things and then I get allured by the POTENTIAL that all of the cool doo dads and thingamagigs that call my name everytime I walk through the doors.
I promise you though, this is it. I'm not buying anything else until I've sold double what I spent in the last month.  Umm....that's a lot just so you know so I hope someone buys some big things from me or I might have to go to rehab :) Spread the

Or, maybe I can bargain with myself that for every painting or thingamagig I finish, I can treat myself to something new??: Nahhh....I better go with the sold deal otherwise I might bury myself in a sea of paint, canvases and other myriad of supplies that I'm surrounded by in my studio.  I did finish this 24 x 30 painting though...just incase someone is interested and wants to support my habit (art supply purchase habit that is...haha).    "It's Going To Be A Good Day"....It's 99% attitude, 1% circumstance (I like to make stats up to prove my point!) This however, is true.  Just look at the painting and you can see that there is sweetness and whimsy wherever you look. It's hard not to have a good day when you are smiling!


starrynightimpressions said...

Jodi! My concern as well. I read the other day that mixed media artists are very prone to becoming hoarders because even broken things seem like treasures to them, I was telling my mom this as we perused the thrift shop, lol. Happily we left with not one purchase, lol.
Love the color scheme of that painting :)

ArtSnark said...

I am in the same boat - there should be art supplies anonymous or something! The giveaways on my blog actually started as an attempt to destash but then I started giving away other people's stuff instead ;D

Pieces are looking good! Are you submitting to Seth's book this month?

Nancy said...

Have no fear as you are in good company! I, too, went to Michael's yesterday to buy a few small items that I needed for the shop.....and spent 3 times what I should have on other cool things! And then there was the phone call from a friend who asked if I needed anything at Askew-Taylor....bwahahahahaha!!!! But of course!

NuminosityBeads said...

I'm totally with you on that one. I've just about run out of room in my second studio. I justified buying and thrifting and junking and art supply buying these last two years since I needed to fill a studio in our second location, our southern home half the year. And now that I have more time I find myself branching into different mediums so I'm stocking up on new kinds of supplies.
But you're still making things right, I feel as long as I'm making stuff, I can still justify it!

xoxo Kim

Liz-Anna said...

I love this piece, Jodi! And I can relate. I'm working on a new year's resolution regarding using up supplies before I buy anything new but it makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about not indulging my habit. And what about all my dealers that have to make a living, too?!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

I'm totally laughing at this post because though I am not yet an art supply hoarder I am a fabric hoarder and I totally hear you! I don't need more but I keep picking things up.

Love what you're working on, the colours and everything.

Sadie Inspired said...

It is addictive! Every time I go and buy something at Michael's they give me that 40% coupon at checkout and I feel I HAVE to go back. It is a vicious cycle. :)

dthaase said...

well, here's the upside - you created a marvelous piece of art!

Melly Testa said...

I live in 550 square feet of space and make art in here too. I generally feel that if something new comes into the apartment, something has to leave. I like life to be orderly and I want to be able to find things. In addition, I don't want to be a blind consumer, so I use my living space as a barometer of things 'needed' and 'wanted'. Do I want to get rid of something to accommodate this new shiny thing? It is definitely difficult when the *thing* is art supplies but I am pretty good with this rule.