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Friday, December 03, 2010

Walking Towards It

I've been away most of the week so would you believe I haven't painted since last weekend??? Shocking I know.  I have messed around in my journal during my travels and this is one of the faces in my new journal that came out of my time away.    I used a magazine model as a reference and you know how those models are...
Their features are so pronounced and unique that its hard not to look either almost character like or in this case a little   She looks like she is giving someone a glare like you've just shit in her cornflakes and she finds it not in the least bit funny.  :))  I do like her lips....full and pouty kinda Angelina Jolie like.   The eyes are a little witch like.   and the writing I just screwed up  But if you put those things aside...not too bad overall!  Journals are our place to play. If things don't come out like you want then the hell with it, move on and go onto your next page.  It's not going to stop me from doing another page and another......

Just like I wrote here...I had a vision and it seemed too hard and so far out of reach....until I went and walked towards it. I know I can do it....I just have to practice and it will get to be more like I envision.  If we stand in place, the dream or goal doesn't get any closer.  If we walk towards it, even if we take the wrong road or a short detour, we are making progress. It's all good. :)   

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