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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The World is a More Colorful Place Because of You Art Everyday Month Day 9

 Don't you realize by now, these are the Artful Years of your life!
 You and your crazy hair, lady its really okay to be different. Our shoes don't have to match our shirt and it's okay to wear a flower in your hair if it makes you happy.
 Not every flower is perfect or the color some make think it should be. It's still beautiful nonetheless
 Celebrate the fact that Art Is YOU!  Live it and be proud of who you are.
Some day perhaps someone will understand that this is who you are and accepts you for it. You need to accept yourself first.
The world would be a lot less colorful if you weren't in it.


Kat W said...

Beautiful art pages - vibrant colours & great arrangements. The message behind these is comforting and true. Thank you for the positive supportive message and for sharing your inspiring pages.

Kat :-)

Missy said...

Very nice, like the colors and the text. You made me feel all happy about myself, thanks!

EVA said...

So nice to see your beautiful art journaling on AEDM/CED!! Wonderful work!