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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Life is a Work In Progress Art Every Day Month, Day 11's the honest life is a work in progress.  Not everything is completed in a day, a moment, a sitting....I have about 5 projects going on at once and not a whole lot completed today...and it may not be even completed tomorrow.   That's the honest truth. And that's okay. I like things to progress sometimes slowly.  Taking time to build the layers and adding the details as they come to me.  Doesn't make for great show and tell but it hopefully shows you what you may be feeling yourself, that people don't magically create magical beautiful pieces every single day. Completely.  But, if we can carve out even a few minutes to make progress on those pieces--well, then that's more than good fact, a work in progress is better than no work at all.  
I'm okay with that :)  Stay tuned for all the finished pieces, coming soon to a blog near you :)
Other news-if you are in Raleigh this week, be sure to stop by the Art of the Carolina's at the North Raleigh Hilton this weekend for the AMAZING trade show Jerry's Artarama puts on. I am going to be there Friday (to shop) and Saturday and Sunday to volunteer--I'm REALLY excited about it!  Surrounded by all the creative and artistic people and the mojo that exudes from everyone, well, how can you not be inspired?
I'll be teaching a background demo at 4:15 Saturday in the Make and Take room situated just before the classrooms where the Carolina Mixed Media Guild hosts ATC make and take goodness all during the show. Several of our lovely members will be doing great demos as well as showcasing their own art--and as a special addition, several of us will have our new Strathmore Visual Arts journals featured at the trade show. (hence all my journal pages lately in my new journal).  This product is love love it. In fact, I'll be conducting a workshop locally using this journal in my class (probably in January...stay tuned for that)!'s almost Art Everyday Month Day 11...I made this post in the nick of time.  On to more works in progress tomorrow.  And so my life goes..I love every minute of it :)

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Shari said...

It's Okay, Jodi. I've been doing Art Every Day also, and that doesn't have to mean completed pieces every day. Especially for those of us with full-time jobs and who are full-time moms as well. I have been happy to just put pen to paper or brush in paint every day and then having something to post every few days. Being conscious and committed to our creativity is the big deal, not that we have some "thing" to show every day. Love seeing all of your new work.