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Monday, November 08, 2010

Playing Outside of the Lines Art Everyday Month Day 8

 C'mon take a peek into my journal again today.  Art Everyday Month Day 8 continues with a little  Teesha Moore style funky collage journal page. I just love her style, don't you?  No one does it quite like her but it's fun to play with nonetheless! 
Check out the top border--guess what that came from?   Citra Solv altered National Geographic papers!!! (HOW COOL!!) I have been messin' with this technique for over a month now and have accumulated a whole slew of papers that are just yummy and fun to play with. I'm finding the process totally addicting now that I have figured out the technique. In fact, I'm going to demo the process at the Art of the Carolina's this weekend (Saturday at 4:00pm) in the Carolina Mixed Media Guild's Make and Take room. I'll also be sharing a few other UBER  cool background techniques to enhance your work for paintings or ATC (which is the main focus of the make and take room)  If you are in the area, definitely come and check it out! Did I mention the Make and Take room is FREE????!!! Come make ATC's with us and stay for  one of the many demos our members will be sharing throughout the weekend.
 I really probably have a few more things to add and enhance to this page but that's the beauty of a's yours so it's done when you say it's done. Come back to it tomorrow or come back to it 2 months from now and play some more!
 I'm actually working on a bigger 24 x 30 commission piece this week so this journal was by my side as I painted on my canvas (I'll feature that's sweet as can be :).   Excess paint paint goes on the journal, then when the paint was drying on one thing, I went over to the next and back and forth...back and forth I went. I finished up some of the lettering in bed (hence the letters probably need a little touch up because I have poor lighting in my bedroom.  Maybe I need to buy another Ott light for there if I continue to draw and work in my journal at night.  Can you tell I'm single??? LOL  Who plays in their journal at bed time that has a partner....oh my. I have too much time on my hands!
I really had no plan as I worked on this page, just started to put things to gether (all the borders, hand, shirt, hand, circle thingy are all citrasolv papers) and then I came up with my main phrase and just wrote out my thoughts around that for the day.....relaxing and invigorating to be free to just do whatever no matter how crazy it is!
Materials Used:

9 x 12 Strathmore Mixed Media Journal
Liquitex lime green acrylic paint
Citra Solv Altered magazine pages
Black Sharpie
White Deco color acrylic paint pen
altered magazine images
Gel Medium (I actually would advise not to use too much gel medium when adhering magazine pages...I prefer glue sticks when using magazine images in journal pages.  I have no idea what possessed me to use medium....the pages crinkle more and are left with a bit of a glare)
Pan Pastels in black, gray, and titanium white
Challenge yourself to think outside the box and just play. No rules, no needing to stay inside the lines...just play and have fun. I did!


dthaase said...

this is wonderful - come and play at Whimsical Wednesday:

Theresa said...

Great Happy Page Jodi! I've had a bottle of citra solve stashed for quite a few months and you're inspiring me to Just Do It!
Enjoy your workshop. Wish I could attend.